Afghan MPs Reject Next Year’s Budget, Cite 'Serious Problem

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KABUL, 30 December 2020, (TON): The Afghan parliament on Wednesday rejected the next fiscal year's budget submitted by the government estimated a total of 452 billion Afs ($5.8 billion), citing "serious problems."

The exclusion of 1,131 provincial projects, the allocation of Afs13 billion ($166 million) for the emergency code (an emergency budgetary unit) and the allocation of Afs2 billion ($25.5 million) to the government's Code 91 and 92--also emergency funds--were reasons for concern raised by lawmakers.

About a month ago, the budget plan was also rejected because of its late submission to the Afghan parliament, and for financial violations.  

Meanwhile, other lawmakers alleged that a number of necessary amendments to the budget plan suggested by MPs to the government were not taken seriously by the finance ministry.   


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