Syrian air defences ‘intercept’ Israeli attack over Aleppo

DAMASCUS, 20 July 2021 (TON): Syria’s air defences have intercepted an Israeli attack on al-Safirah area of southern Aleppo, Syrian state media reported, a location where Israel has repeatedly hit a growing Iranian presence.

Syrian state news agency stated that at around 23:37 on Monday [20:37 GMT], the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial attack towards southeast Aleppo, targeting positions in the al-Safira area.

It added “our air defences intercepted the missiles, shooting down most of them.”

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the missiles landed near the Scientific Studies Research Centre in al-Safira, destroying bases and a weapons depot used by pro-Iran groups.

It said that there were no immediate reports of casualties.

A Syrian military spokesman told that the damage was being assessed after air defences shot down most of the missiles that were aimed at a number of unspecified locations.

Syrian opposition forces said “the air attacks were aimed at Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases and a weapons plant, in a continuation of Israeli attacks against Iranian military research and development activities over the past year.”

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