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Protesters refused to comply with Indian Prime Minister’s announced self-imposed curfew

NEW DELHI, 20 March 2020, TON:  The women protesters in New Delhi and Noida have announced on Friday that they will continue with their protest on 22 March “Janta curfew” from 7 am to 9 pm. Prime Minister Narendra had urged people during his address to the Indian nation on 19 March to remain inside their houses under a self-imposed curfew.

The women have been blocking a side of a road connecting since mid-December to protest against the amendment in Citizenship Act.

Interestingly, New Delhi had imposed ban on gatherings with more than 50 people in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, the protested defeated the Government orders by reducing the size of gatherings to 20 people.

The protesters have revealed their plan that not more than 50 women will be staging protest at any given time.

A protester updated the Indian Government that they are Muslims and are already taking precautions which has been proclaimed in their religion, “Islam” as they cover themselves with Burqa or scarf all the time and wash their hands regularly five times a day as they offer “Namaz.”   Interestingly, the Scheduled Caste would also be protesting against Government actions. 

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