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Will CAA with NRC prove as havoc for Indians? By Rehan Rajput

The term “CAA & NRC” is the talk of the town in India these days. Vividly, we find its roots in recently Assam exercise where around 1.9 million people have been left out from The National Register of Citizens (NRC). These 1.9 million people who were Indian Citizens, stand-in “Noman’s land” now or we can say these people are suspected infiltrators as per Government terms. All Assam residents were asked to submit their ancestral documents prior March 25, 1971, in order to prove their Citizenship. However, the majority of people somehow managed to submit a list document but still could not find their name in the final NRC list. Also, as there have been instances where ex-Army personnel & Government retired officers are extracted in the final NRC list due to Administration loopholes.  

                Many questions & concerned have been raised out over this entire exercise. Is CAA only to give citizens to Non – Muslims who excluded in Assam NRC? There’s really a need to have a PAN – India NRC? Is CAA or NRC are the need of an hour for our country while we are struggling with an economic crisis? And so on… Government is consistently coming up with defensive statements which emphasis to not connect CAA with existed Indian Citizens. But, is it true? As Home Minister Amit Shah had himself said on record that we will bring CAA before NRC which will automatically give Citizenship to all Non – Muslims. This is where a fear erupts in Minority community across the nation & incited them to protests on roads everywhere. Top of this, NPR has been brought up now in hustle by the Government which is a part of NRC, its manual reflects the same. This quantifies noise in the Milieu, even more. Minority & Seculars people show their petulance through these consecutive events against CAA-NRC-NPR.

                India witnessed mass agitations, protests, events against CAA NRC NPR nationwide. In Uttar Pradesh, 18 were killed 705 were arrested & over 5000 were detained during the protests. Protests were seen almost in each city with hundreds of Universities across India. People from all Secular platform which belong to all Religions took an active part in protests. From Jamia campus violent incident to the ongoing Shaheen Bagh protest. The country has seen a mammoth ongoing movement against this whole exercise. But, the Government did not try to ponder over people’s grievances so far. Even, PM Modi & Amit Shah stand unanimous with their stand over CAA NRC. This unfolds Government’s paradoxical approach towards its people. Unambiguously, this proves Government is not interested in mooted upon the ethos of the Constitution which safeguard rights of poor, backward or minorities.

                There’s an uneasiness all over the country & it is then when there is no NRC in India right now. Can we expect the havoc when Government would implement it actually? This is really going to be a tragic event across the nation. And, if anyone thinks rationally – Is PAN – India NRC is really possible? Can we even afford it in this hard time when Government is on decreasing the budget for Social welfare schemes? On the other side, increasing the burden of fiscal deficit. Assam is a small state instead NRC process took years with an expenditure of 1200 Crores with 52000 Government officers manpower. Let’s calculate nationwide NRC cost. Now, let’s talk on the moral grounds, our elected representatives are not able to showcase their proper documents & ask “our 400 million Extremely Poor Citizens” to showcase a list of documents who cannot even manage their 2nd-time meal in a day. We should be ashamed to aggrieve our own citizens. We as a nation are the biggest software supplier in the world. We have been on the moon. Can’t we have such an intelligence which can help to recognize those “So-called infiltrators” those Government claims to be around 2-3 crores approximately?

                Let’s once envisage, if Government is succeeded in exercise & the whole process is done. Shall we feed those crores of stateless people with taxpayer’s money? Where would the Government give them a shelter to stay on? Would we make a new infiltrator state in our own country? As needless to say, Bangladesh will never take them in. How India would prove people Bangladeshi Citizens & if tried, would Bangladesh consider those credentials? Thus, it’s an endless & useless exercise which ends nowhere. By the way, Government should brief the entire nation with roadmap ahead which answers all the above questions. The Indians wants to know!

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