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NATO’s Secretary-General dubs all allegations about organization’s role in Coronavirus pandemic as disinformation

 BRUSSELS, 28 April 2020, TON: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg clarification hardly impressed anyone regarding the organization’s response to elderly people about coronavirus pandemic as disinformation, “try to portray NATO allies as if we are unable to, for instance, protect our elderly people or that we are not able to work together. We are working together. That's exactly what we do.” Till to-date, the ground facts remains that NATO allies were absent in providing airlifts, medical support, and transportation to the patients.

It has been noted that NATO’s military alliance’s working together as member countries disappeared and more regional collaborations are emerging and that too in combat operations during the so called Coronavirus pandemic.

There is a perception that Coronavirus is a biological weapon created in the United States to bring down opponents and that China, Iran, and Russia “are doing much better than the West” in fighting the epidemic.


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