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US powers hit Taliban with airstrikes in Helmand region

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KABUL, 13 October, 2020, (TON): A representative for the U.S. military in Afghanistan says American powers did a few airstrikes on the side of Afghan security powers enduring an onslaught by Taliban in the southern Helmand region. The U.S. strikes came after a gun battle Monday in and around Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand area. A representative for the commonplace lead representative in Helmand says Taliban warriors dispatched facilitated assaults in various pieces of the region over the previous week and that they escalated throughout the end of the week. The U.S. military representative says the ongoing Taliban assaults are "not reliable" with a U.S. - Taliban bargain and subvert progressing intra-Afghan harmony talks. He said the airstrikes don't manhandle the February deal.

Witnesses revealed irregular shooting in the city and said a few inhabitants fled from the regions of Nad Ali and Nawa in light of the battling.

Delegates of the Afghan government and the Taliban are holding intra-Afghan dealings in Qatar, a Gulf nation where the Taliban have had a political office for a long time. The arrangements are intended to end the nation's long term war.

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