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Death penalty to man for 1992 rape case, homicide

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BEIJING, 15 October, 2020, (TON): A man was condemned to death for assaulting and killing an understudy 28 years back in Nanjing, Jiangsu region, on Wednesday.

Ma Jigang, presently 54, saw that the understudy, surnamed Lin, was concentrating without anyone else in a study hall at Nanjing Medical University then known as Nanjing Medical College on March 20, 1992. He moved toward her and utilized an iron bar to constrain her into the patio of an instructing building.

Ma beat Lin's head with the bar over and over while assaulting her since she opposed him. He at that point hauled her out of the patio and dropped her into a well to conceal his wrongdoing. Lin's knapsack, books and garments were dropped in a neighboring great.

Lin's body was discovered four days after the fact. Crime scene investigation affirmed that she passed on from mechanical asphyxia brought about by suffocating and wounds to her head.

Nanjing police explored in excess of 15,000 individuals and requested help from the Ministry of Public Security and the public security agencies of different areas. Notwithstanding, because of mechanical cutoff points, they neglected to locate any suspect at that point.

In February, Nanjing police got data from Peixian district police that speculate whose DNA was found at the wrongdoing scene was identified with a man being examined in the region. As per the Peixian police, speculate must be the man's family member.

In the wake of barring 11 male relatives who lived in a similar town as the man, they researched the genealogical record and found that one of the man's cousins who lived in Nanjing and only occasionally visited the province coordinated the portrayal of the suspect.

That very month, Nanjing police captured Ma in a private network in the city subsequent to affirming that his DNA was indistinguishable from that of the presumes semen.

Subsequent to carrying out the wrongdoing, Ma had filled in as a driver for a notable organization in Nanjing for quite a long time. His neighbors said that he got a kick out of the chance to help individuals and had a decent connection with them.

Ma said that he contemplated handing himself over to police yet at long last chose to take his risks to evade equity. After police gathered his DNA, he likewise considered escaping the city, yet he surrendered the arrangement in light of the fact that the police would get him effectively, as per Fangyuan Magazine.

The day preceding Ma was captured, he took his better half for a walk, which he had never done. He additionally told his relatives that he might want to be the one to answer the entryway on the off chance that anyone thumped that night. He favored not to have youngsters for quite a long time subsequent to getting hitched to stay away from conceivable damage to them because of his set of experiences.

Lin's mom went to the preliminary in Nanjing. She had visited the homeroom where her girl was most recently seen alive consistently since her demise, however needed to stop in 2011 because of chronic weakness.

Lan Tianbin, an attorney with Dongheng Law Firm, said that the mother may get pay from Ma; however the sum would be restricted.

"In such cases, otherworldly harms won't be repaid under current laws," Lan said. "It's questionable, and the laws ought to be changed. The mother can simply get an immediate misfortune pay brought about by the wrongdoing, for example, a portion of the burial service costs and the fundamental everyday costs for the casualty's wards."



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