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Egypt Involves United Nations Security Council to intervene Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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CAIRO, 20 November 2020, (TON): Next round of talks on Ethiopian dam built on Nile river has been scheduled while Egypt announced it is looking forward to take part in the trilateral talks with Ethiopia and Sudan our the issue.  

Ethiopia wants to reach an agreement that legitimate operation of Ethiopian giant dam. However, there is no progress in the talks as Ethiopia maintains a hard stance on filling the reservoir and other issues.

Meanwhile, Egypt on Friday has called on the United Nations Security Council to intervene to disallow Ethiopia to continue with the activities on hydroelectric dam without consensus of all the stakeholders and restart talks.

Ethiopia has started its activities on hydroelectric dam being built on the Blue Nile near the border with Sudan. The filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam without resaving the reservations of stakeholders would have negative impact on the economies and living of people of Egypt, Sudan and other stakeholders.

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