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EU moves forward suggestion for a broad based delegation in intra-Afghan talks

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KABUL, 27 November 2020, (TON): The EU said in a statement on Thursday, "We encourage the swift establishment and operationalization of the High Council of National Reconciliation as the body designated to provide guidance to the negotiations.” 

"In addition to political leaders, the membership of the Council should include a diverse membership representing women's groups, war victims, religious minorities, youth and civil society organizations," it added.

The EU has been persuaded to give statement in favour of a broad based Afghan delegation in intra-Afghan talks at a time Afghan and the Taliban delegations are all prepared for the intra-Afghan talks in Qatari capital Doha.  

Addressing the current war that has escalated in different parts of the country, the EU said that "we express deep concern about the continuing high level of violence and the security situation in Afghanistan, especially the number of civilian casualties and call for an immediate permanent and comprehensive ceasefire".

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