BJP to Use Supreme Court Against Farmers amid Their Committed to their Demands

NEW DELHI, 16 December 2020, (TON): As the farmers' protests enter the third week in the wake of their commitment to achieve their due rights, the Supreme Court is set to hear a plea from government side on removal of farmers from the Delhi borders.

Farm leaders continued to insist on a complete repeal of the new laws while the Centre has only offered amendments. Farmer leader Jagjeet Dallewal said, "The government is saying we won't repeal these laws, we are saying we will make you do it." "The fight has reached a stage where we are determined to win no matter what," he added.

"Disagreement has become a major crime in the BJP regime. They did not like opposition and democratic values. The farmers are agitating for the past 20 days and instead of listening to them, the government has adopted a stubborn attitude. Not only this, but the BJP has also launched a campaign to divide farmers and discredit the movement and defame it," Yadav said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Aligarh Muslim University students has also protested in their support for farmers. They have written to President Kovind about the ongoing farmers protests and sought his intervention to repeal the new farm laws.

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