Message from Patron-in-Chief “The Orient News”


“The Orient News” was founded in 2017, and aimed to seek out groundbreaking research in global policymaking and expand the horizons in terms of both content and implementation. The Orient News is a relatively new institute and digital paper in terms of research is focused on enforcing accountability standards through rule of law. We do research that is beyond constructed realities that do not push the dominant viewpoints in global policy research. We hope to diversify the scope of research by including global governance and foreign policy.

Global risks and foreign policies are rapidly changing and there is an increasing demand for strategic and public policy. We believe that there is a need to strive for establishing a better Research institute in Pakistan and we have the talent to work for achieving the goal. We offer a big view of policy, trends as well as global dynamics.

As a research team, we are looking to bring forward the ideas and research related to policy framework on issues at multilevel. We have transformational research ideas that have practical impact and value. Team members of The Orient News are actively involved in proving the highest quality of research. We have taken numerous steps to strengthen our research culture by sharing and disseminating our valuable research work. The Orient News also serves as a platform for early-career researchers, academic researchers, and policymakers seeking avenues of research.

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