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Today also Kashmiris took to the streets to protest. This time it was against extra judicial killing of Irfan Ahmed Dar in a fake encounter. Their demand is simple, “handing over of the dead body of Irfan Ahmad Dar”. As usual puppets of Indian fed Jammu and Kashmir Police proudly read out statement from the script written by Indian agencies, “the dead youth was an over-ground worker (OGW) for militants and had was trying to escape taking advantage of darkness and terrain so he was killed and some recovery from the site of encounter has also been made.”

As per the details, on 15 September 2020, Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Special Operation Group (SOG) raided the house of Irfan Ahmad Dar, a 23-year-old shopkeeper, at Sidiq Colony in Sopore, district Baramulla and arrested some of his family members including his brother Javed. Irfan Ahmed Dar was arrested from his shop near his house was dragged to unidentified location by Indian Military Intelligence (MI) and Police personnel. Javid was released on 16 September 2020 but Irfan Ahmad Dar was claimed to be killed in an encounter while making an attempt to escape.  

The deteriorating security situation in Kashmir has turned from bad to worse but Indian occupying security apparatus, the Indian Army and the puppet administration in disputed Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir State are not pushed. For them Muslim and Hindu Kashmiris are just kile undesirable insects or weeds to be eliminated. The Indian Army and security apparatus have killed hundreds and thousands of Kashmiri Muslim youth so killing of 23-year-old Irfan Ahmed Dar in Tujjar area  of Sopore is nothing new or extra ordinary that Indian should feel ashamed of. Indian Army and the security apparatus in occupied Jammu and Kashmir State are deployed in bulk for same purpose; to kill all those who raise their voices for their right of sef determination on the basis of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions.

According to the statement by Jammu and Kashmir Police, “Irfan Ahmed Dar was arrested for his involvement in terrorist activities and two Chinese Hand Grenades were also recovered from his possession”.  An FIR (257/2020) was registered at the Sopore Police Station under Section 18 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, which read, “During the course of investigation, a police team visited Chairdaji area of Tujjar Sharief along with OGW for affecting some more recovery on the disclosure of the OGW. The OGW while taking advantage of darkness and terrain managed to escape regarding which a separate Case FIR No. 71/2020 U/S 224 IPC was registered in Police Station Bomai and during search the body of OGW was found near Stone Quarry of Tujjar Sharief.”

Interestingly, the only demand of the Kashmirs is that they should be handed over the dead body Irfan Ahmad Dar but Indian authorities are not prepared to do that. Since the outbreak of so called COVID-19, the Indian puppet administration, the Indian Army and Para military Forces in disputed Jammu and Kashmir State secretly burry the bodies of those who are tagged as militants  or killed in so called encounters. When TON asked one of the members of Jammu and Kashmir Police, he said, “This is being done to prevent large gathering at Muslims’ funerals for killed militants.”  He added, “We have instruction from the Crops Commander and the Governor not to hand over the body of Irfan Ahmed Dar to his family and secretly burry the militant.”

Indian authorities have ordered an inquiry but thousand of such inquiries have been held in the past without results. Even Indian Supreme Court has censured Indian Army and Para Military Forces for fake encounters and extra judicial killings. But rather controlling barbaric actions, it resulted in abrogation of Article 370 and 35 (A) to include disputed State of Jammu and Kashmir, which is still under the United Nations mandate as disputed State, as integral part of India. One wonders where is the conscience of United Nations Organization (UNO), European Union (EU), Human Rights organizations and civilized countries of the world, who are still busy in holding human rights conferences, seminars and talks in world renowned Five Star Hotels. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Addressing the virtual ministerial meeting of 27th ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum  last week, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Momen has issued a  warning to Myanmar that the failure to resolve Rohingyas repatriation process would cause humanitarian problem which would lead to radicalism and terrorism that would hamper peace and stability in the region.

Foreign Minister AK Momen said, Myanmar should immediately engage non-military civilian observers from friendly countries to make the Rohingyas repatriation process effective, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Momen has said, warning that the failure in resolving the humanitarian problem would lead to radicalism and terrorism that would hamper peace and stability in the region.

Bangladesh signed 3 instruments with Myanmar for repatriation. Myanmar agreed to take back them after verification. However, Rohingyas are not returning to their Myanmar primarily because they do not trust their government over safety and security issues. According to the United Nations, more than 9,00,000 Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar's restive Rakhine State since 2017 after large-scale violence following a military crackdown. The exodus of refugees in large numbers has resulted in a major crisis in neighbouring Bangladesh.

As per the sources inside the Cox Bazar Rohingya camps, the trouble started with the coming of a large number of Christian, running into several hundred, as well as Hindus. They have started establishing Churches and Temples there which is being resented by locals. A local Rohingyas said, there are foreign organizations which are not letting the Rohingyas ato return to Myanmar



An Indian court at New Delhi on Friday convicted nine person associated with banned terror outfit ISIS in a case of conspiracy hatched to establish its ISIS base in India

by recruiting Muslim youth through social media platforms. The convicts were identified as Nafees Khan, Abu Anas, Najmul Huda, Afzal, Suhail Ahmed, Obedullah Khan, Mohammed Aleem, Mufti Abdul Sami Qasmi and Amjad Khan, had voluntarily pleaded guilty before the court on 6 August 2020.

As per the details, Special Judge Parveen Singh of Patiala House Court convicted them for criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code and various sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Explosive Substances Act. The court will now hear arguments on the quantum of sentence on 22 September. The case was registered on 9 December 2015. During the course of investigation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted searches and arrested 19 people while charge sheet was filed against 16 persons in 2016-2017.

It has been confirmed that Indian Military Intelligence (MI), Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) launched a joint operation in which social media publicity was given to formation of  an organization, namely “Junood-ul-Khilafa-Fil-Hind”, struggling to establish a Caliphate in India and pledging allegiance to ISIS, to recruit Muslim youth to wage Jihad for ISIS and commit acts of terrorism in India at the behest of Syrian-Yusuf-Al-Hindi.

To ascertain, who is behind the new threat of Indian Islamic State / Daesh we have to peep in the past. If we recall, an Indian engineer, Mehdi Masroor Biswas was arrested from his apartment by Bangalore Police on the charges of violent tweets about the activities of Indian Islamic State militants. Mehdi kept posting pro-Jihadi tweets from his Twitter account @ShamiWitness since 2009, attracting lacs of innocent Muslims to convert them as potential Jehadi around the world through psychological operations. Interestingly, Indian agencies came into action only when British intelligence started their probe against Mehdi and the international media also exposed state-sponsored Islamic State sympathizer. ShamiWitness acted as a leading conduit of information between Jihadis, supporters and recruits.

According to a foreign agency report, ShamiWitness was active since July 2009, posted over 1.3 lac tweets and had over 1,78,00 followers. The tweets by Mehdi were seen 2 million times each month. There is no doubt that ISIS is a brainchild of Indian agencies, which started operating from India soil in 2009. In this game of blood and fire against Muslims, Indian agencies including Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) are involved in terrorism through its European nationality holders. In one of the cases, Niaz Abdur Rashid, an Indian national, received military type terrorist training from India and had links with Al Qaida in Subcontinent (AQIS). After acquiring French nationality, he trained French and other foreign nationals on terrorist lines. As secular minded person, Niaz Abdur Rashid founded FPF with a military branch to help Muslims as well as non-Muslims in distress. He also funded and dispatched two French nationals to Pakistan to meet Al Qaida facilitator, Huzeyfa (Tahir Shahzad), who was arrested near the alleged compound of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. After the arrest of these two terrorists from Pakistan in January 2011, seven other members of the network, led by Niaz Abdur Rashid were arrested in France, from whom French translation of books on terrorism including explosives were recovered. Niaz Abdur Rashid, who regularly visited India, was convicted by the French court for recruitment of European and others for terrorism inside Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The fact cannot be denied that Indian MI, DIA and RAW controls Islamic State / Daesh as well as other terrorist organizations to create terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Syria and elsewhere. There is no doubt that in majority of cases, Indian agencies have joined hands with Western countries, after misleading them about Muslims, to malign them by dubbing them as members of terrorist groups. It is so sad to observe that these Indian sponsored outfits are carrying out attacks on Mosques, Churches, Madrassas and schools but blame is leveled on innocent Muslims, who are only reacting against foreign interference in their countries or protecting their legitimate territories against foreign occupation. It is sad to observe that Kashmiris who are peace loving people are being propagated as terrorist and members of Islamic State / Daesh. India is carrying out staged killings of its own security personnel only to prove that peaceful freedom struggle in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir is linked with Islamic State / Daesh.


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