As a digital as well as the non-formal information hub of handpicked prompt News analysis, inside stories, commentaries, and numerous other features “The Orient News” in many ways is a valuable addition to already robust social, electronic, and print media. It endeavors to restore the old grandeur of journalistic excellence and set standards for different types of media.

The Orient News is designed as a platform to identify policy and institutional loopholes, monitor implementation, and enforce accountability standards through rule of law, liaison with relevant institutions, and public interest litigations. Our mission is to remove criminal behavior and materialistic tendencies from the societies and promote high ethical, cultural, traditional, and religious standards set in each society by narrative building through social, electronic, print, digital media, and its hybrids.

We started our efforts with a single man i.e. the present patron-in-chief and later, from several dozen aims to grow to 50,000 in years to come.




We are more than just a news reporting and analysis agency. We use research and market intelligence to drive everything we do. We have a complete team of experts to cover all research needs that are talented in their area of expertise, take great pride in their work, and are passionate about making a difference for our clients. Our pioneering spirit constantly strives for excellence, maintaining credibility through impartial, accurate, and comprehensive representation. We are The Orient News Media Network and we cover the world.

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