Afghan Peace Process to Resume Tomorrow

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KABUL, 04 January 2021, (TON): The negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan leave for Doha on Monday (today) to begin the next round of the negotiations on Jan. 5. 

“The talks are going to be very complicated and time-consuming,” Ghulam Farooq Majroh, a government negotiator said.

“But we are hopeful to arrive at a result as soon as possible as people are tired of this bloody war.”

The Taliban did not offer any comment.

The negotiations follow a landmark troop withdrawal deal signed in February by the Taliban and Washington, which saw the US pledge to pull out all foreign forces from Afghanistan by May 2021.

Both sides of the negotiations have been discussing the agenda of the talks with their respective leaders over the last 22 days. The Republic team has put ceasefire on the top of their list while the Taliban has insisted that they will talk about ceasefire after an agreement on a future government.



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