Bangladesh: ADB approves $41m grant for Rohingyas in Bangladesh

DHAKA, 23 June 2022, (TON): The Asian Development Bank on Wednesday approved a $41.4 million grant to help improve infrastructure and manage the basic needs of displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar sheltered in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh.

A media statement said “the grant forms the second phase of ADB’s ongoing Emergency Assistance Project, a $100 million grant approved in 2018.”

ADB Country Director for Bangladesh Edimon Ginting said “the new assistance will strengthen the resilience against Covid-19 and any future pandemic by expanding health facilities and improving water supply and sanitation.”

“Disaster shelter centres, health facilities, improved water supply and sanitation, and better waste management that will be provided with ADB assistance, will reduce disaster risks and serve basic human needs of the camp population until their repatriation.”

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