Bangladesh: UN should reflect voice of every nation, says AK Abdul Momen

DHAKA, 27 October 2021, (TON): Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen has said that the United Nations is a great institution to help humanity and no one should abuse the advantage of its universality and acceptability.

He said “Let the rays of hope that our forefathers kindled 76 years ago brighten our path and guide us towards a peaceful and prosperous future we want.”

The foreign minister was addressing a commemorative event on Monday evening in celebration of the UN Day.

Momen said they needed to strengthen the organisation to cater to the needs of all people and to reflect the voice of every country, not only of a few.

He said “as we are reeling with the pandemic, more than ever before we share a common destiny. More than ever before we need to unite as we the people.”

The foreign minister said “they are looking forward to a meaningful outcome from the Glasgow Conference.”

He said “we are helpful, we must take decisive action now, not tomorrow. Together, we must find a way to reduce harmful emissions to net zero by 2050.”

Momen said that they must keep the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

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