Bangladesh: EU welcomes govt's open approach about polls observer

DHAKA, 28 January 2022, (TON): The European Union (EU) Ambassador Charles Whiteley welcomed the Bangladesh government's willingness to allow foreign observers for the next national election.

He said "I would say we very much welcomed the statement of the Foreign Minister that Bangladesh would welcome and have an open approach to any foreign observation missions that would wish to come and follow the elections.”

The envoy added the EU is keen to follow the polls closely.

The ambassador made the remarks at the 'Meet the Reporters' programme organized by the Dhaka Reporters' Unity (DRU) in the capital.

The envoy said “EU follows elections closely all around the world but it yet to decide in which countries it will observe pools in 2023.”

He said “the incident of US sanctions on RAB would not impact on European business interest in Bangladesh.”

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