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  • LONDON, 24 May 2022, (TON): The Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia this morning to congratulate him on his election win at the weekend. The Prime Minister told the new Australian leader that he wanted to congratulate him fulsomely on the big moment and…

  • GENEVA, 23 May 2022, (TON): The United Nations said “Russia’s war in Ukraine has pushed the number of forcibly displaced people around the world above 100 million for the first time ever.” UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency said “the number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations…

  • GENEVA, 23 May 2022, (TON): The Ukraine war looms large as the World Health Organization opens its main annual assembly, threatening to overshadow efforts on other health crises and a reform push aimed at preventing future pandemics. The UN health agency will kick off its 75th World Health Assembly Sunday…

  • KYIV, 22 May 2022, (TON): The Ukraine war can only be resolved through diplomacy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Saturday amid a deadlock in negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. He told “the end will be through diplomacy.”  The war “will be bloody, there will be fighting but will only definitively…

  • GENEVA, 21 May 2022, (TON): UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will visit China May 23-28 and is also expected to travel to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The High Commissioner’s Office said in a statement “United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet begins a six-day official…

  • BERLIN, 20 May 2022, (TON): Germany removed perks accorded to former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, assessing that he has failed to uphold the obligations of his office by refusing to sever ties with Russian energy giants. The parliament’s decision to strip Schroeder of an office and paid staff follows a lengthy…

  • LONDON, 20 May 2022, (TON): UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg concluded a two-day meeting with a diverse group of Yemeni public figures. The meeting comes as part of Grundberg's consultations with Yemeni groups on the way forward, including their priorities for economic, political, and security paths. Attendees discussed…

  • BRUSSELS, 18 May 2022, (TON): High Representative and the European Commission adopted a Joint Communication on a ‘Strategic Partnership with the Gulf’ with the aim to broaden and deepen the European Union cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council and its Member countries. Josep Borrell said “at a time of insecurity…

  • VATICAN CITY, 18 May 2022, (TON): Pope Francis has said that he is saddened by the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, former president of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi. In a message, the leader of the Catholic church sent his condolences to newly appointed UAE president,…

  • BRUSSELS, 18 May 2022, (TON): Finland and Sweden formally applied to join the NATO alliance at allied headquarters, a decision spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and setting in motion an accession process that is expected to take only a few weeks. Sweden and Finland were both neutral throughout the…

  • BRUSSELS, 18 May 2022, (TON): Foreign Ministers of 27 EU countries decided to create a center for European military innovation. This was stated by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at a press conference following a meeting of the EU Defense Council. He said “today, we have established a…

  • STOCKHOLM, 18 May 2022, (TON): Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was surprised by the calm tone of his conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He spoke about this in Stockholm at a press conference after talks with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. He said “I was very surprised that he has…

  • LONDON, 18 May 2022, (TON): The crucial duty of our Government is to make our communities safer, which is what we are doing. That’s why we put, of the 20,000 police that we promised at the 2019 election, we’ve already put 13,576 on the streets. They are bringing down neighbourhood…

  • BERLIN, 18 May 2022, (TON): Chancellor Olaf Scholz said “Germany will ramp up its military collaboration with Sweden and Finland as the two countries seek NATO membership in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” Scholz said “we will intensify our military cooperation, especially in the Baltic Sea region and…

  • BRUSSELS, 18 May 2022, (TON): The EU said “it will need to respond with all measures at its disposal if Britain goes ahead with unilateral changes to the part of the Brexit deal on Northern Ireland.” The announcement, made by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, raises significant concerns “European Commission…

  • KYIV, 18 May 2022, (TON): Prosecutor Karim Khan said “the UN International Criminal Court sent 42 officers to Ukraine on Tuesday to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Seconded staff include investigators, forensic experts and support staff. Agence France Presse quoted Khan as saying “this is the largest mission…

  • PARIS, 17 May 2022, (TON): Elisabeth Born, who has until now headed the Ministry of Labor, has become the new Prime Minister of France. This is stated in a statement from the Elysee Palace, received by the Paris bureau of TASS. The communiqué said “the President of the Republic, Emmanuel…

  • LONDON, 17 May 2022, (TON): Saudi Arabia aspires to strengthen its position as a global logistics hub connecting three continents, improve services and increase integration between logistics systems and modern modes of transportation. Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Sugair, the director general of the Saudi Railway Polytechnic Institute, and Munir Jolamyehiya, the director…

  • HELSINKI, 16 May 2022, (TON): Finland’s government declared a new era is underway after announcing its intention to seek NATO membership, hours before Sweden’s governing party backed a plan to join the trans-Atlantic alliance amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. Russia has long bristled about NATO moving closer to its borders,…

  • PARIS, 15 May 2022, (TON): French President Emmanuel Macron formally begins his second term in office, maintaining suspense about his new government ahead of parliamentary elections next month that will shape his next five years in power. The 44-year-old scored a solid victory in April 24 presidential polls against far-right…

NEW YORK, 2 June, 2021, (TON): General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir is “saddened” by India’s reaction to his statements on Kashmir, according to his Deputy Spokesperson Amy Quantrill, who has asserted that they were taken out of context.

During a news briefing on Tuesday Amy Quantrill said, "The President was saddened to see a press statement from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, which portrays his remarks on Jammu and Kashmir from a selective perspective, while they are consistent with the longstanding UN position regarding this issue."

She said that "It is regrettable that the President's remarks were taken out of context."

In a news conference in Islamabad last week, Bozkir said in reference to Kashmir that "I think it is the duty, especially Pakistan's, to bring this to the United Nation platform more strongly."

While speaking with Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at his side, Bozkir also endorsed Islamabad's attempts -- so far unsuccessful -- to link the Kashmir issue to the Palestine problem.

"As the minister mentioned, and also compared to two important things, I think the two problems are of the same age, Palestine and Jammu and Kashmir, and I fully agree that this is the case," he said.

He also added that the Kashmir issue does not have the "same enlarged political wind behind it" like the Palestine cause.

Indian External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi reacting to Bozkir's statement had said, "When an incumbent President of the UN General Assembly makes misleading and prejudiced remarks, he does great disservice to the office he occupies. The President of the UN General Assembly's behaviour is truly regrettable and surely diminishes his standing on the global platform."

"We express our strong opposition to the unwarranted references made with respect to the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir by the President of the United Nations General Assembly Volkan Bozkir during his recent visit to Pakistan," he said.

United Nations General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir visited Pakistan from May 26-28.

KABUL, 31 May 2021, (TON): According to a statement, Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mirwais Nab met with the Assistant Foreign Minister and General Director of Iran Foreign Ministry’s West Asia Department, Seyyed Rasoul Mousavi and discussed Afghan peace process, security and economic ties.

Mr. Nab highlighted the recent developments in the Afghan peace talks, security, and economic affairs with Mr. Mousavi. Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister added that Iran’s continued support to the legitimate demands of the Afghan people and government in the peace process as well as Iran’s efforts in establishing regional consensus thereof was important.

“Relations between Afghanistan and Iran historic and enduring. Emphasizing on the continuation of Iran’s support to the Afghan Peace Talks, a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, and the preservation of gains in last two decades are vital” Mr. Mousavi said in Kabul during his visit.

The two sides also discussed and exchanged views on the significance of signing the Afghanistan-Iran comprehensive cooperation agreement, expanding bilateral relations, enhanced cooperation between the two countries in health, education, border, and consular spheres, and Iran’s role in ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

KABUL, 01 June 2021, (TON): A statement from the Presidential Palace said that United States Agency for International Development (USAID) officials during a meeting briefed President Ashraf Ghani on the agency’s future development projects and cooperation in Afghanistan.

USAID Officials briefed the president on future projects in Afghanistan that included anti-corruption schemes, strengthening democracy, good governance, health, education and support to women and girls.

The visiting officials said that our strategy regarding peace is developed according to the existing and future circumstances. We support enduring, just and Afghan owned peace process.

President Ghani hailed USAID for its cooperation and activities and added the government’s top priority was water management, development of agriculture sector, improving the processing of products and focusing on exports.

President further added that we should focus more on our domestic products and in terms of basic services your cooperation and activities should be result-oriented.

KABUL, 01 June 2021, (TON): According to media reports Gulbduddin Hekmatyar, Hizb-i-Islami leader revealed details of his meeting with President Ashraf Ghani at former President Hamid Karzai’s residence.

In new details, Hekmatyar said “an agreement was reached in the meeting for formation of a non-coalition transitional government, holding presidential, parliamentary and local councils elections, release of prisoners, removal from blacklist and formation of Supreme Council of State.”

He further said that they also agreed that a two or three member delegation should hold a secret meeting with the Taliban leadership before the supreme council of state meets them in Istanbul conference.

“President promised to implement the agreement within eight days from the meeting, but faced opposition from his aides” Hekmatyar said.

Hekmatyar further added that he would not join the supreme council of state if it doesn’t have the decision making authority.

GENEVA, 01 June 2021, (TON): Palestinians and the Muslims nations criticized Press Statement by US Mission Geneva at UN Human Rights Council Session on the Israeli-Palestinian Situation.

US Mission Geneva said, "The United States deeply regrets today’s decision by the Human Rights Council to establish an open-ended Commission of Inquiry into the recent violence between Israel and the Palestinians.  We have approached the recent crisis with a clear focus: bringing an end to the conflict as quickly as possible, and providing necessary humanitarian relief for civilians. We are committed to working with other members of the international community to create the conditions for a lasting and sustainable peace and will support actions in the UN that bring the parties together or promote peace and stability,"

"It is deeply unfortunate that while we and others have been working to uphold and strengthen the cease-fire, ensure humanitarian assistance to Gaza, and continue the hard work of discussions on how to achieve a lasting peace, some members of the Human Rights Council have chosen to engage in a distraction that adds nothing to ongoing diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.  The action today instead threatens to imperil the progress that has been made in recent weeks,"

"We all should be working to find real solutions to help the Palestinian people and ensuring that terrorist organizations, including Hamas, do not exploit the situation on the ground, including by indiscriminate firing of rockets, to further their own destructive aims,"

"The actions of the Human Rights Council today do not contribute to peace. They will not help bring about lasting solutions to the challenges in the region, nor provide greater dignity, freedom, or prosperity for either Palestinians or Israelis. We will continue to advocate for Israel to be treated fairly in the Human Rights Council."

ISLAMABAD, 02 June 2021, (TON): Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa during his visit to Corps Headquarters Quetta, said “Pakistan Army would make all possible efforts towards achievement of an enduring peace for sustainable socio-economic development of Balochistan province.”

According to an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release “the COAS was given a detailed briefing on security situation, operational preparedness, border management including fencing along Pak-Afghan and Pak-Iran borders.”

He was also briefed on the socio-economic initiatives undertaken by Army in support of government of Balochistan and efforts underway for capacity enhancement of law enforcement agencies to ensure peace and stability.

Gen Bajwa further said “The terrorists won’t be allowed to destabilize peace efforts”. He emphasized that all-out efforts would be made to assist provincial government in ensuring law and order.

Sources reported that India has accelerated a campaign against local Baloch tribes to create difference between them and Government authorities including security forces. They have printed pamphlets in local languages in which Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Sindh Liberation Army (SLA) and other Baloch movements are shown to have accepted the responsibility of terrorist attacks on security forces and civilians.

Meanwhile, sixteen (16) Indian agents trained in Indian Counsel General Zahidan, Iran have infiltrated inside Balochistan to carryout terrorist attacks.

CAIRO, 02 June 2021, (TON): “Israel must halt its aggression in both the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem as Egypt’s intelligence chief met the Palestinian group’s leaders in the besieged coastal enclave to try to bolster a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel” a senior Hamas official has said.

Khalil al-Haya spoke after meeting Abbas Kamel, who visited Gaza after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a trip aimed at shoring up an informal ceasefire brokered by Cairo.

According to Egyptian and Palestinian officials, his visit, the first by an Egyptian intelligence chief to the enclave since the early 2000s, was also aimed at discussing reconstruction plans following the recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

Kamel, who has not given public statements, is the highest-ranking Arab official to visit Gaza since 2018. He met with Yahya Sinwar, the top Hamas leader in Gaza.

Kamel also met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah and handed him a message from el-Sisi affirming Cairo’s support for Palestinians and Abbas.

TEHRAN, 2 June, 2021, (TON): Iran's largest navy ship Kharg caught fire in the Gulf of Oman and later sank. The crew was safely rescued, Iran media reported.

According to the state media Iran's highest-tonnage naval vessel caught fire on Wednesday morning near the Iranian port of Jask on the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz, where it was on a training mission.

The vessel has been used in training missions for more than four decades, said the report. It did not give details on the cause of the blaze.

The Gulf of Oman connects to the Strait of Hormuz where about a fifth of the world's oil passes.

The Kharg serves as one of a few vessels in the Iranian navy capable of providing replenishment at sea for its other ships. It also can lift heavy cargo and serve as a launch point for helicopters. The ship, built in Britain and launched in 1977, entered the Iranian navy in 1984 after lengthy negotiations that followed Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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