Bangladesh: Three people recognized for the Mother Language award

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DHAKA, 19 February, 2021 (TON): The government of Bangladesh has recognized three people and an organization for the contribution in preserving and promoting the mother language nationally and internationally.

National Professor Mohammad Rafiqul Islam has won the award for his contribution at the national level, International Mother Language Institute said on Thursday.

A Nazrul researcher, Prof Rafiqul is the first Nazrul Professor of Dhaka University’s Bangla Department and the first director of Nazrul Research Institute.

Mathura Bikash Tripura, executive director of Jabrang Welfare Association in Khagrachhari, will get the award for his work to protect the mother tongues of the small ethnic groups.

At the international level, the government named Islaimov Gulom Mirzaevich, an Uzbekistan researcher, and the Activismo Lenguan (an online initiative to support networks of indigenous language digital activists in Latin America) or Language Activism of Bolivia for the award. He has played a role in research, practice, and culture of mother language protection, promotion, and revitalization in Uzbekistan, and abroad.

The biennial award has been launched this year, with two at the international level and two at the national level, said Md Safiul Muz Nabeen, a director of the International Mother Language Institute.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will hand the awards by virtually joining the ceremony on 21 February which is the International Mother Language Day and the Language Martyrs Day of Bangladesh.


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