Pandits in United Kingdom and India Protest Rehabilitation of Non-Kashmiris

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JAMMU, 15 February 2023 (TON): In the statement last month, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha announced, “Our objective is total integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India. Over the recent protests of Kashmiri Pandits on cold blooded murders by Indian migrates backed by Indian Armed Forces, Governor Manoj Sinha said, “There are also labourers who come from Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand during the apple season… and it is true some Kashmiri Pandit became victims of targeted killings, only seven Pandits have been killed” But “Anybody can work in any state and they have the right to work in Jammu and Kashmir. There’s a majority in Kashmir who appreciate this and want other people to come and work. We also take care of them and push for migrants’ insurance. During the apple season, we had guidelines regarding their safety and security – financial and societal,”

It we recall, the Indian government issued legal amendments in March and October 2022 allowed Indians for permanent residency and permission to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, to change the ethno-religious composition of the Muslim-majority territory and deprive Pandits their right from land and orchards occupied by Indian Armed Forces. The Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims of Kashmiris have objected and rejected any idea of selling land to any non-State Subjects. 


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