Firing at Pakistan Air force Training Base

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By Afshain Afzal

MAINWALI, 4 NOVEMBER 2023, TON: In an incident at the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) training base at Mainwali, a fuel tanker was completely destroyed and minor damage was caused to three grounded aircraft. Witnesses on the site of the incident claimed, “We have seen that minor damage to the unserviceable old aircrafts and fuel tanker was due to the firing of security personnel”. It could not be as yet confirmed through independent sources about firing on civilians at the PAF gate.

Press release issued by military authorities said, “On 04 November 2023, in the early hours of the day, Mianwali Training Air Base of Pakistan Air Force came under a failed terrorist which Allahamdullah due to the swift and effective response by the troops has been foiled and thwarted ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets, demonstrating exceptional courage and timely response 3 x terrorists were neutralized while entering the base remaining three terrorists have been cornered/ isolated due to timely and effective responses by the troops. However, during the attack some damage to three already grounded aircrafts and a fuel bowser also occurred. A comprehensive joint clearance and combing operation is in final stages to clear the area. Pakistan Armed Forces remains committed to eliminating menace of terrorism from the country at all costs.”

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