Current Situation in Sri Lanka

By TON Resrach Team

The curfew was imposed on 9 May 2022, after peaceful protests surprisingly turned violent, killing at least nine people and injuring hundreds others. Sri Lankan police arrested hundreds of suspects in connection with last week's violent protest, however, the worsening situation is still not under control. There are reports that 38 Galle Road Colombo was involved. One of the violent arrestee by the police took the name of Eldos Mathew Punnoose, who made payments to protesters. Everyday Police arrests protesters on charges including curfew violations.
This Sunday, nationwide curfew was partially lifted to mark the Buddhist holiday of Vesak. Buildings across the Sri Lanka were flying the multi-colored Buddhist flags to mark Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. The newly appointed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of the United National Party (UNP) is still nervous despite Cabinet appointments on Sunday.
The ruling family faces accusations of corruption and mishandling of the economy. Opposition parties have refused to join any new government unless the president steps down first. The acute shortage of food and essential commodities including fuel have brought ordinary people on the roads for peaceful demonstrations.
Sri Lanka’s heavily depended on India especially during COVID-19. On the instructions from New Delhi and prolonged closed down the tourism industry was totally paralysed. The present government dependence on Western nations and India as well as attempts to approach the IMF for assistance has further ruined the nation's economy.
There is no doubt that too much dependence on West and dictation from India, especially investment of imposing Indian culture and heritage in Sri Lanka would damage tourism industry and tourism based robust economy. Sri Lanka can easily revive its economy and come out of the crisis if either the ruling government step down and allow opposition under the leadership of Sri Sanjith Premadasa and his collation to handle the situation or stop dependence on India and Western assistance as it is seriously damaging Sri Lankan sovereignty, national integrity and independence.

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