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By Afshain Afzal

Scientists had long back claimed that water ice has been detected in the South pole of the moon, the Earth's only natural satellite. Later in 2009, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) high-technology instruments installed at Chandrayaan-1, a setup of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) detected water ice on the moon's surface. The earlier missions of NASA, more than a decade back to this claim, published reports that there is evidence that the highest concentration of water ice was in the south pole's shadowed craters. In fact, there is a probe going to prove that lunar volcanoes, material that comets and asteroids transported to earth is the origin of oceans.

On the contrary, if we recall, the Apollo – 11 mission of Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed on the moon and also brought back samples of moon dust with them in the 1960s and concluded after landing on the moon, “the moon has no air” and “it had the scent of wet ashes” as if a firecracker has gone off. After experimentations on the moon’s dust, the Astrophysicist Thomas Gold of Cornell University warned NASA that the dust had been isolated from oxygen for so long that it might be highly chemically reactive and the moon’s dust came into contact with oxygen, it might start burning, or even cause an explosion. One wonders if there was no air how cone the American flag at the moon was waving.

In a recent development, India, on 23 August 2023, claimed that her spacecraft, LVM3-M4/Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the Soth Pole on the moon. This was confirmed through a live telecast by Sreedhara Panicker Somanath Chairman Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi at the very moment the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft landed on the moon, while international telecast live from the cameras of spacecraft confirmed landing on the background. Successful or unsuccessful, there are a number of countries collaborating with ISRO but still, it is not officially known whose baby it was. There is known Russian involvement in the American-installed equipment at Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh and other centres in India but was it NASA’s interversion this time or something else?

It would be interesting to note that after the Indo-Russian success or NASA-ISRO success, as the case may be, American President Joe Biden has also confirmed to visit India from 7-10 September 2023, to congratulate Indian Prime Minister Narendra PM Modi on assuming G20 leadership and success on India becoming the fourth country landing on the moon. In the past ISRO was totally taken aback over the reasons why their Vikram Lander crashed on the moon in 2019. They had the only option to go for a joint collaboration with Russia. It is on record that three countries including the erstwhile Soviet Union, the United States, and China claim that their spacecraft landed on the South Polar region of the moon; India will be the fourth. The present Chandan presented a fake landing story as not only evident self-engineering has been witnessed in the images but also the resolution of different images does not correspond with each other. 

ISRO reported that the spacecraft was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota on 14 July 2023, and landed on the South Pole on the moon on 23 August and detected water ice. As per ISRO officials, during its mission on the surface for one lunar day (equal to 14 days on Earth), it will carry out a number of scientific experiments. Scientists claim that water ice could be used for fuel, oxygen, and drinking water for future Moon missions or a lunar colony. An impressive live three-minute and seventeen-second video released ISRO showed how the Vikram lander descended, hovered, searched for a suitable landing site, and finally touched down.

Although there was no guarantee rather remote possibility that the lander would land in one piece, after the Russian destruction of the spacecraft, the Luna-25 lander crashed into the moon on 19 August but Indian media, the ISRO officials, and the Indian Prime Minister were live before the world as if they were cent percent sure that Chandrayaan-3 Lander would successfully land on the surface of the moon. As soon as the lander touched the lunar south face, PM Modi was seen sporting a big smile and joyously waving the Indian tricolor flag as if everything was preplanned. There is no doubt that the images released by the Indian Chandrayaan-3 lander are doubtful as the resolution of different images do not correspond with each other and seems as if it is ISRO’s own smart work through lab software. It is likely that the fate of the Chandrayaan-3 lander is not different from Russia's Luna-25.

India has been paid a sufficient amount to keep her mouth shut for using Indian soil, seas, and space for disastrous experiments, which is directly challenging our ecosystem and climate. What to talk about other ranges of India, statistics of Sriharikota Range (SHAR) which was renamed last September as Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), speaks 107 successful and unsuccessful satellite launches this year alone. One of the project's experiments is artificial earthquakes, avalanches, rains, floods, thunder, and other disasters. Another project controls or cause interference in communication around the world through radar reflector antennas, deployable boom, communication, and data subsystem. I live in Westridge, Rawalpindi where not a kilometer away British during World War established Infectious Wards and hospitals to treat soldiers who were exposed to chemical attacks for experimentation. How long this will continue; No doubt, this world will be destroyed because of our own acts. It is high time that before it is too late, the United Nations Organization (UNO) and civilized nations of the world ban outer space experiments in India and other countries to save them from becoming dumping grounds of chaos and disaster in the shape of infectious diseases, earthquakes, climate change. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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