Matter of Prestige – Update from Gaza Front

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By Afshain Afzal

Backing out from the earlier claims that Israel Defense Forces have pushed their way inside Gaza and surrounded the stronghold of Hamas on Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a new statement on 3 November 2023, with images as proof that Israel has launched a ground offensive in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday. Gallant, said, “We are clashing with Hamas and have killed numerous terror operatives”. He added. “Israeli Army is advancing according to the plan.” Interestingly this fake news has not been confirmed by Hamas Political Authority. One Palestinian admitted that she saw two old version tanks but no movement going back. Many Palestinians have admitted that the “baby killers” have intensified aerial bombing and drone attacks, martyring scores of innocent women and children. Scattered bodies, especially dead bodies of infants and children reflected horrifying scenes of terrorism.

One Palestinian said, “We are the original inhabitants of Palestine and Gaza, why we should leave… the graves of our great great grandfathers are here in this land. Our only sin is that being followers of the Divine religion of Hazrat Mussa (Alhe Salam) and Hazrat Eassa (Alhe Salam) we started believing in the last Prophet Mohammad Alhe Salam (Sal Allah Alhe Wasalam)”. We will not allow so-called Indian Jews and Persian Jews to take away our ancestral lands”. Another Palestinian said, “Our Prophets Alhe Salam are buried in this sacred land and there are our holy places. We do not stop Jews from paying homage under the law”.

Meanwhile, Israel Defense Forces have asked their commanders that they cannot operate under international pressure dubbing Israelis as aggressors, barbaric, and war criminals. There were reports of Inquiry of some of the Israeli personnel and their officers under the charge of cowardice. Some tanks entered Gaza and when faced with no resistance… rushed back as it seemed a trap to arrest more Israelis and kill them through the Palestinian public.

In another development, after Tehran disassociated with war on Israel, Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah said in a public speech that his group is not moved by US warnings to stay out of the war. In another statement, he admitted Hezbollah has not announced war on Israel and talks with Americans and Lebanese leadership is in progress”. Apparently, in another positive development, the Palestinian Political Authority have announced that they would release “Terms of Peace and their demands” in the next one or two days. Hamas authority in Gaza has not denied this report, however, no further details were available. One wonders if Israeli leadership announced a call for a “Peace Dialogue”, they would not be facing humiliation or it would injure their prestige rather they would regarded as true followers of Moses (May Peace be Upon Him). It is a golden chance for peace rather both sides should continue mourning their loved ones.

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