A Ray of Hope - UNO - ICJ to resolve Palestine issue

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By Afshain Afzal

Should the peace-loving people of the world ignore state-sponsored terrorism and insecurities through bluff games?

Despite Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinian orthodox Muslims after the 7th of October’s self-engineered attacks, Tel Aviv still hopes for peace through coercive means including the dropping of the nuclear bomb on the entire population of Gaza. A few days ago, Israeli leadership demanded that Arab states should normalise diplomatic relations with Israel to further the Abraham Accords. Washington also posed as the greatest champion of peace in this world by daring to send her Secretary of State to visit Ramallah in West Bank to pave the way for peace. Ironically despite the US State Department’s confirmation that Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the West Bank, Palestine on 5 November 2023 and that his trip was kept secret till the time Blinken had not physically left the West Bank, no one is ready to believe Washington as it is bluff game to mislead Jews, American taxpayer and the international media about US’ as part of Hybrid warfare. One wonders if Washington can prove US State Department’s spokesperson Matthew Miller statement of 5 November 2023, “Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken met today in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas”. No! Washington cannot, as it was a cock and bull story. In fact, other than a recent meeting in Jordan between Secretary of State Blinken and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in November 2023, no other meeting took place.

If we recall, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on 30 December 2022, calling on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give its opinion on the legal implications of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. To fail the UN Resolution and influence the International Court of Justice, Secretary of State Blinken held meetings with expelled surrendered former Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah and Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrullah to take them into confidence. Later, he also met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on 29 January 2023, and when the President of Palestine complaint about Israel's aggression where 35 Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli troops, he was confronted with blame on Muslim Palestinians where seven civilians were shot dead in Jerusalem outside a synagogue to pressurize Mahmoud Abbas to agree to a two-state solution. Blinken, however, to win West Bank to its side, promised $50 million in new economic assistance to Palestinians over the next two years, on top of $890 million already pledged, and 4G high-speed telecom services in the West Bank.

Many people have questioned why would Israel Defence Forces attacked its own people on the 7th of October 2023, terrorist attacks, killing innocent Jews and later the Muslim Palestinians. The answer is quite simple, the landmark European Parliament recommendation on relations with the Palestinian Authority [2021/2207(INI)] dated of 12 July 2023, called on the Israeli military authorities to withdraw their designation of six Palestinian social and human rights organisations as terrorist, in order not to further reduce the space for Palestinian civil society, and also demanded that the PA establish independent and reliable mechanisms to investigate occurrences of torture or ill-treatment and other human rights violations within its territory to hold security forces accountable for instances of arbitrary arrest, abuse, and torture, immediately release all political prisoners and drop all charges; condemn the continued use of torture by the Palestinian authorities. More so, the expected International Court of Justice’s opinion on the legal implications of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories would be a bombshell for the Israelis and Americans as all was going well in favour of Hamas as a seasoned political authority that does not follow the ideology of any militant group.

We cannot ignore the fact that even a country like Saudi Arabia which was previously portrayed as a country professing extremist ideology and threat to world peace agreed to normalize her relations with Israel, subject to the implementation of the resolution of the Palestine question on the basis of UNO Partition Plan dated 29 November 1947, with Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The fact cannot be denied that Saudi Arabia even allowed Israeli Tourism and Heritage Ministers to visit Saudi Arabia to participate in a UN conference in Riyadh in September/ October 2023. But Washington is threatening the Saudi Kingdom that Riyadh would require US’ continuous security from Israel, Iran, and Yemen. If we recall, Saudi Minister of Defense, Prince Khalid bin Salman recently visited Washington and held a meeting with US Secretary of State and discussed ways to end Israeli aggression against unarmed Palestinians. When Saudi Arabia did not agree to the Israeli and American plans of replacing Hamas’s control over Gaza, the Saudi delegation was reminded about the threats to the very existence of the Kingdom. Brigadier General Pat Ryder, Pentagon issued a statement after a meeting between US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Saudi importance of the enduring US security partnership with Saudi Arabia and Washington’s commitment to the territorial defense of the Kingdom. The USS Carney, a US Navy guided-missile destroyer has been positioned over the Northern Red Sea at Western Yemen.

Hizbullah, which previously owned responsibility for the planning and execution phases of the attack on Israel has gone into denial mode while Iran which earlier claimed her sponsorship has totally denied any direct or indirect role. In a recent statement, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrullah denied any hand in the 7 October or later attacks on Israel and said, “Even the Palestinians had kept it secret even from their fellow Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza.” Similarly, Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, President Ibrahim Raisi, and the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Hussein Salami have denied any role in attacks on Israel or the Israeli population. In this game of bluff and coercion to isolate orthodox Muslim leaderships including Hamas from Palestine and convert the Orthodox Muslim majority in Asia, especially in the geographical expression Middle East” and “Central Asia” a laboratory of rule by broad-based representations of all factions of societies on religious grounds, as in Lebanon. It is high time that the International Court of Justice must take into account the suffering and genocide of the Palestinian nation at the hands of international players and resolve the issue once and for all. Author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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