Sidelining Turkey - Qatar’s role in Palestinian issue doubtful

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By Afshain Afzal

The recent horrifying and ruthless mass killing of Palestinian Muslims is unprecedented. Even the Israelis do not spare small babies who belong to Muslim Palestinian families having a linkage with Hamas. A great number of children as orphans and unidentified displaced Palestinian children have been evacuated as part of planned kidnapping to across the borders and further to the Western countries. In this State-sponsored terrorism, Israel is not alone but is joined by other nations in alliance. It is also all set to install a Palestinian representation of Western choice over existing Palestinian territories under their control as well as early next year’s territories negotiated for the “State of Palestine”.

In the latest development, Qatar-based Palestinian, Ismail Haniyah, who was rejected in 2007, by Hamas leadership and other Palestinian including President Mahmoud Abass on suspicions of working for Israeli interests, is being presented as main conduit between Hamas and Israel through good offices of the Qatar. There are strong reports that Ismail Haniyah has not only direct links with Tel Aviv, London, and Washington but implementing their plan. Interestingly, to authenticate Haniah as an enemy, Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari claimed “on 16 November, Israeli fighter jets had bombarded the house of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas’s head of political bureau”. Earlier statements from Haniyah, as if he is waging the war, said, “I have confidence in Palestinians’ ability to outlast the Israeli offensive on Gaza and emerge victorious from the war.” Surviving Hamas leadership, who have established a “Government in Exile” have rejected Ismail Haniyah as Palestinian or Hamas’s representative.

Media reports reflected Haniyah office at Doha has a direct line of communication with both Israel and Hamas and has previously worked on negotiating truces between the two. Qatari mediators and Haniyah are negotiating a deal between Hamas and Israel that included the release of 70 Israeli hostages in Gaza with 50 women and children from Israeli jails in exchange for a five-day ceasefire. Ismail Haniyah has also been assigned to release a complete list of remaining living Israeli hostages held in Gaza, which Tel Aviv claims are held by Hamas but, in fact, are in possession of proxy-Hamas fighters to malign true orthodox Palestinian Muslim leadership in such shameful acts of kidnapping women and children, which Muslims are forbidden in their religion. In fact, Qatar is on its role to project surrendered Palestinian fighters as representatives of Palestinians and Hamas, who in fact, betrayed the Palestinian nation and compromised with the Israelis.

If we recall, on 9 October 2023, Pakistan based “The Orient News”, reported in its article, “Planned Genocide of Particular Community in Palestine”, and earlier article, “Behind the 7th October Attack on Israel?” exposed Tel Aviv’s horrifying plot against the Palestinians and that in this drama, Qatar is playing the same role, which it played in Afghanistan by assembling surrendered fighters and posing as Taliban and in the present case surrendered Palestinian fighters as representatives of Palestinians and Hamas to negotiate the release of Israeli hostages. It was also made public that Palestinian leaders in Gaza and Syria said, "we have rejected Qatar-mediated negotiations between Israel and Hamas, “We cannot allow anyone having a past record of traitors and those expelled Palestinians operating from Qatar as our representatives on the negotiation table.” Major elements in the Palestinian leadership are skeptical about Qatar’s role as a mediator. The article also revealed the US agreement with Iran to transfer $6 billion in frozen funds through Qatar and US intelligence community’s clean chit for Iran that she is not currently seeking a direct war with the US and is not behind the 7 October attack on Israel.

Mere condemning Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, war crimes and barbaric and inhumane massacres by the occupation government will not suffice. The efforts of Muslims, Jews, Christians, and others around the world for the cause of Muslims of Palestine are worth appreciation. We cannot name one country or organization as it may hurt the feelings of others but world is united against the troikas including Israel and US to isolate them. The Muslims and other peace-loving people have refused to discuss any projects or buy Israeli goods unless a cease-fire in Palestine's Gaza is declared. It is high time to allow International peace dialogue between Hamas and Israel, with Turkey and Saudi Arabia as chief mediators and negotiators. Qatar should also play its role in a united effort. There is no doubt, that we witnessed worse genocide of orthodox Muslims of Palestine, especially Hamas as well as war crimes by the Israeli intelligence and defense forces but let us start a dialogue to win the peace.

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