Is destroying history, culture, and heritage permissible in war?

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By Afshain Afzal

In the latest move, the Israeli Defence Forces, despite being signatories of the Abraham Accord, destroyed thousands of centuries-old books and historical documents located at Gaza Library. As per photos released by the Municipality of Gaza it was a deliberate attempt during so called announced “ceasefire”. As per the reports, during the Israel attacks on Gaza besides the mass genocide of Orthodox Palestinian Muslims, they destroyed hundreds of prominent historical buildings including the Municipal Public Library, Gaza City, Diana Tamari Sabbagh Library, Islamic University, Rashad El Shawa Cultural Center and many other buildings. This list does not include thousands of books and documents held by Palestinians as private collection libraries.

There are plans to create Palestine and neighborhood world's top heritage and cultural sites, attracting millions of tourists each year. Based on satellite images in five five-kilometer radius and isolated pockets, the work done decades back will be explored accidentally. These will be Indian remains buried deep down in the soil several centuries back. Those Palestinian areas where these ruins will be accidentally discovered include Beer Sabah also referred to as Beer Sheba. It would be projected as Beer Sheva linked as a land of the Hindu god, “Lord Sheva”. Unfortunately, the Western nations have also bluffed many Middle Eastern Muslim countries where the museum's main artifacts were transferred indirectly from India. In the same regard, Israel has been settling Indians as members of the Bnei Menashe community for decades; most of them are members of LGTB groups. People from different faiths from around the world are being sheltered in Israel and Palestine to bring democratic change in Palestine, in favour of Jews. These include Karak, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq etc.

As per the reports, this plan will be implemented through the UN peacekeepers and international organizations as additional support in the Israeli-Western plans for the settlement of non-Muslims in Muslim lands including through the implementation of the India Middle East Economic Corridor. Interestingly, the engineered archeological sites with their “pagan” names of the places and cities have already been changed in the world and Middle East maps to authenticate that the heritage genuinely belongs to non-Muslims.

In another development, the Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich while addressing the Knesset announced Cabinet’s approval of a NIS 30 billion for ultra-modern non-practicing Muslims and new non-Muslim settlers in the West Bank. Tel Aviv also released hundreds of millions of NIS as unimplemented political promises in West Bank including NIS 13.5 as civilian wartime needs. The release of funds to settlements comes at a juncture when many Western countries with huge funding have sent their missionaries and aid workers to transform Jews, Christians, and Muslims into modern secular Divine followers, “transgender in a religious sense. No doubt, this is a dangerous plan to turn the Orthodox Muslim majority into minorities through genocide and new settlements of non-locals in Palestine. It is high time that UNO, ICC, and ICJ must take action on their own to save the people of Palestine from this greatest sin by Israelis and Westerners.

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