Middle East - Many hopes for better tomorrow

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By Afshain Afzal

When Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Tzipi Hotovely made an announcement last week her country would reject any possibility of a two-state solution after the war in Gaza ends… many Muslim nations took this terrorist threat by Tel Aviv as an ultimatum to their very survival as there was also an earlier announcement of Israel's Heritage Minister Amihay Eliyahu's about Israeli plans to carry out a nuclear strike on Gaza. In fact, the Muslim nations are taken aback by the announced genocide of Orthodox Muslim Palestinians by Israeli State authorities, especially when Tel Aviv still require a certificate of her legitimacy and is waiting for assent in the UNO system. The world nations should not remain in any misunderstanding that Muslim countries like Turkey, other Asian, African, Central Asia and Gulf nations are not bound under World War - I treaties, especially any secret one that have no trace in the UNO system.

As a show of force and control over regions, on 27 December 2023, the Turkish Navy successfully carried out the first live firing test of the fully indigenous Roketsan-made AKYA heavyweight torpedo with a real warhead in the East Mediterranean. It was launched from the TCG Preveze submarine and it hit the target with full accuracy. This had the confirmation by the office of Turkish Naval Forces Commander, Admiral Adnan Ozbal. As a reaction we saw the transcript released after US Press Briefing on 28th December 2023, “We continued to reinforce our traditional partnerships with China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the wider Islamic world. These relationships are based on mutual trust and friendship and characterized by a tradition of robust dialogue and exchange of bilateral visits”.

Filtering down the information into only the relevant pieces as peace and release are involved, we should also not pass any passing remarks till those who planned out speak themselves… five US citizens detained by Tehran were allowed to leave the country in exchange for the transfer of $6 billion in Iranian funds that were Iranian profits from oil sales were transferred from South Korea to Qatar as part of an agreement reached in September to exchange US citizens held in Iranian prisons. US President Joe Biden is delaying the decision and planned likely reversal on $6 Billion for Iran. After alleged Hamas attack on Israel, US President Joe Biden's $6 billion prisoner-swap deal with Iran is being scrutinized. US Treasury Department is now declining that it signed any agreement with Qatar to formally return $6 billion in Iranian funds. That is not all, since 7 October; whenever Tehran tried to issue strong statements or strong action each time was snubbed by Washington, United Kingdom or Canada. It is a time that requires unity amongst Muslims and other peace-loving nations of the world, so any sole flight of Muslim elements would turn into a disaster. Let us negotiate for peaceful coexistence for a better tomorrow.



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