A Ray of hope for peace in the Middle East

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By Afshain Afzal

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is most unhappy person, but not the general masses in Israel and peace-loving Jews around the world. Tel Aviv in reaction to Washington’s silence at UNSC, allowing Resolution 2728 (2024) to pass, has cancelled a scheduled US’ visit of two of Israeli top advisers. US abstention on Resolution 2728 vote allowed the latest resolution to pass, when all the other 14 members of UNSC voted “Yes” to amended Resolution. Interestingly, UNSC website has blocked S/RES/2728 (2024) 25 March 2024, ‘The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question’ on its site. The UNSC Resolution 2728, adopted on 25 March 2024, called for an immediate ceasefire of the Israel - Hamas war during the month of Ramadan leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire.

Washington has acted with maturity and has won the confidence of many states. Tel Aviv needs to realize that it is an attempt for peace in the Middle East and beyond to bring many nations including Israel out of state of fear and apprehensions. It is now a high time that we build new relationship between a state and a state and empower the United Nations justice system.

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