A Ray of Hope - Hamas’ Peace Offer

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By Afshain Afzal

Hamas released three different detailed statements in Arabic language on different issues (will be published later).

1.        The proposed draft agreement between Jewish authorities living in Israel and Hamas as representative of Palestinians aims to amicably resolve Israeli-Palestinian issues, in line with UNSC Resolutions, a pending judgment of ICJ and other decisions hereafter.

2.       Both sides to cease all coercive actions and adopt Confidence Building Measures (CBM) for peace in the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.

3.       Both sides pledge not to trespass or intrude each other’s territories without lawful permission, or use coercive force to intimidate during visit to each other’s territories including pilgrims to sacred places including Masjid Al Aqsa.

4.       Both sides to nominate three persons including a woman for the direct talks and exchange of agenda points. The meetings will be held alternatively in Israel and Palestine.

5.       Both sides to ensure complete withdrawal of foreign forces and elements from Palestinian territories to facilitate safe return of IDPs.

6.       Both sides to share list of people held by them, abducted, imprisoned or missing.  Additionally, control of Gaza to be returned to Hamas with an assurance that Hamas attempts safe the return of all abducted Israelis of 7 October 2023, by tracing abductees and facilitate negotiations if other groups are involved. A reciprocal assurance for release of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. 

7.       In addition to participation from both sides in the meetings, representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia will also participate in the peace talks.

8.       Agenda points will be officially shared including pending issues of fresh demarcation of land, space and sea including the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, Sea of Tiberias, Gulf of Aqaba and other potential issues for permanent solution.

9.       Facilitate compilation of data of original inhabitants of State of Palestine that existed before Israel was conceived to allow Jews, Muslims, others living in territories of Israel and Palestine to exercise their choices to live in their forefathers land or migrate to acquire new nationalities.

10.    All previous agreements between Israel and foreign governments pertaining trade and resources etc in Palestinian territories to cease and new agreements with Palestinians to undertake. All payments and benefits transferred to the Palestinian authorities.

11.    All legal/ illegal settlers on both sides not to possess properties other than their ancestors unless validated a fresh.

12.    Palestinian authorities to liaison with other authorities to fight the menace of terrorism including the elimination of terrorist groups like foreign-funded ISIS and allies, working in the garb of aid and relief organizations that are active in many countries with footprints in the West.

13    Both sides to take action on climate change by realizing that fragility and conflict increase people’s venerability and exposes climate change hazards.

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