Night Curfew Imposed in Washington - President Trump’s Supporters Refuse to Allow Anyone to take leadership through Fraud Elections

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WASHINGTON, 7 January 2021, (TON): Washington, DC’s mayor issued a city-wide curfew, from nightfall through the next morning on Wednesday – Thursday to control the security situation becoming tenser as each day passes. The US Supreme Court did not listen to President Trump’s grievances regarding fraud elections - 2020 on technical grounds.

Despite chilling temperatures the supporters of Donald Trump assembled to hear him what they strongly believe is the real President of the US speak at the outside below the White House and afterward many moved to US Capitol Hill. 

Meanwhile, an American woman was killed in gunfire exchange inside Capitol building after President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the building not allowing Congress to ratify ratifying the election of Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President.

President Donald Trump's supporters made it clear that they would not allow those who have come to power as fraud election to function. They demanded American institutions and the taxpayers to play their role in exposing the fraud elections and not allowing fraud leadership to control helm of the affairs.

Witnesses said, “the supporters of Democratic leader Joe Biden planted pipe bomb or it could be firing as it sounds like multiple gunshots.” outside to fail the peaceful democratic protests to support President Trump.  

President Trump has cautioned his supported not to resort to violence as Republicans honours law and order. He said, “No violence! Remember, we are the Party of Law & Order… and we don’t want anybody hurt.” 


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