PALESTINE: Palestinians rejected statement by US Mission Geneva at UN Human Rights Council Session on the Israeli-Palestinian Situation

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GENEVA, 01 June 2021, (TON): Palestinians and the Muslims nations criticized Press Statement by US Mission Geneva at UN Human Rights Council Session on the Israeli-Palestinian Situation.

US Mission Geneva said, "The United States deeply regrets today’s decision by the Human Rights Council to establish an open-ended Commission of Inquiry into the recent violence between Israel and the Palestinians.  We have approached the recent crisis with a clear focus: bringing an end to the conflict as quickly as possible, and providing necessary humanitarian relief for civilians. We are committed to working with other members of the international community to create the conditions for a lasting and sustainable peace and will support actions in the UN that bring the parties together or promote peace and stability,"

"It is deeply unfortunate that while we and others have been working to uphold and strengthen the cease-fire, ensure humanitarian assistance to Gaza, and continue the hard work of discussions on how to achieve a lasting peace, some members of the Human Rights Council have chosen to engage in a distraction that adds nothing to ongoing diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.  The action today instead threatens to imperil the progress that has been made in recent weeks,"

"We all should be working to find real solutions to help the Palestinian people and ensuring that terrorist organizations, including Hamas, do not exploit the situation on the ground, including by indiscriminate firing of rockets, to further their own destructive aims,"

"The actions of the Human Rights Council today do not contribute to peace. They will not help bring about lasting solutions to the challenges in the region, nor provide greater dignity, freedom, or prosperity for either Palestinians or Israelis. We will continue to advocate for Israel to be treated fairly in the Human Rights Council."

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