IAEA: Iran agreed to extend access to the nuclear sites without snap inspections

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NEW YORK, 22 February, 2021 (TON): Iran agrees to extend UN inspectors' access to its nuclear sites for three months, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog states.

However, less access will be given to IAEA officials because of the brokered agreement and also not granted permission to make snap inspections.

For the U.S. has not lifted sanctions Iran is changing its access policy from Tuesday, moreover, both sides now have more time to seek a compromise.

"This law exists. This law is going to be applied, which means that the Additional Protocol, much to my regret, is going to be suspended," said IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, after a weekend of talks in Tehran.

"There is less access, let's face it. But still, we were able to retain the necessary degree of monitoring and verification work," he added.

The "additional protocol" allows the IAEA to make unannounced inspections at sites not previously disclosed by a country.

Then-Donald Trump administration re-imposed crippling sanctions on Iran, and Tehran retaliated by resuming nuclear activity barred under the agreement signed with six world powers in 2015.

It is noteworthy that Iran joined the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in 1970; having previously suspended them in 2006, Iran had agreed to resume the snap inspections under the 2015 deal.


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