Is India running Afghan Embassy at New Delhi?

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By Afshain Afzal

In the latest development, Indian External Affairs Ministry has taken over compound of Afghan Embassy in New Delhi while at least five Afghan diplomats including Afghan Ambassador Farid Mamundje have fled away. India refused to allow the new Ambassador to take over. In the letter by fleeing Ambassador, Mamundzay, he instructed Indian Ministry of External Affairs to take custodial responsibility of the mission properties, financial accounts including the lndia Afghanistan Fund, which currently holds more than $500,000. It we recall, in June 2022, New Delhi operationalized its Embassy at Kabul and stationed its diplomats and security personnel there.

Farid Mamundje was quoted to have disclosed that Washington has not allowed them to hand over the charge of Afghan Embassy to newly appointed Charge d’Affaires. He also disclosed movements of Indian nationals from India to UAE and other stations from where Intelligence operations are carried out in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been exposed after Mastung terrorism. He added that he has ensured that the record of Indian agents is not taken over by the Talilban. Furnishing the reasons of fleeing and taking asylum, he said, “sniff dogs on the payroll have started taking actions on their masters’ dictates”.

The situation took a worse turn when New Delhi refused to honour the new diplomats from taking over the charge, claiming that they have not recognized the Taliban Government. After the Mastung terrorist attack in Pakistani city of Balochistan by Indian agencies, Kabul diplomats in hand and glove with the Indians have been exposed. Presently, Afghan Embassy has stopped all operations after the Afghan Ambassador and other senior diplomats fled to United States to seek asylum there. Reports reaching Kabul also reflect that they also extended applications for asylum in European Union. The Indian Ambassador for Afghanistan, Rudrendra Tandon disclosed that Afghan the prevailing Afghan Ambassador to India was appointed by the previous Afghan government and recently Taliban has decided to replace him with another diplomat as Charge d’Affaires.

Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti said in statement, “the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing, is involved in carrying out terror incidents in Pakistan. We know who is doing it and from where." For the first time after many years of the gap, Pakistani media, both print and electronic have directly blamed India and its agents as functionaries in Pakistan for terrorist attacks including recent terrorism in Mastung and Hangu inside Pakistan. Further reports are being analyzed.

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