Behind the 7th October attack on Israel?

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By Afshain Afzal

Israeli Shin Bet and Mossad planned extremely well and attacked its own Defense Forces and their asets. It seems a replay of James Bond movie where Hamas cut holes in the border wire and entered Israel from the sea, and by para-gliders and killed over 100 Israelis and also took along Israeli soldiers and civilians as hostages to Gaza. These armed Palestinian gunmen were able to cross the heavily fortified border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, while thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. Israeli Defence Forces have confirmed that Israeli soldiers and civilians have been kidnapped and taken as hostages to Gaza. Interestingly, despite smart barrier technology and hi-tech fence tops, manned by thousands of cameras and sensors, Palestinians were able to enter Israel and carry out an unprecedented attack, which Americans failed to do in Bay of Pigs or operations in Afghanistan.

In another act of violence, few days back on 5 October 2023, 89 people had been killed, including 31 women and five children, with 277 other people wounded in a drone attack during the graduation ceremony for military officers in Syria. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Many years ago, at a mourning ceremony of an Iranian officer killed in Syria, where both Saudi and Iranian have their proxies Iranian General Qasim Soleimani referring to t Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman said, “He is very impatient and might kill his king and backing the backing by Saudis of rebel factions in Syria is only to undermine Iran's influence”.

In fact, the situation became tense after end September this year when the Israeli forces in preparations of Rosh Hashanah Jewish holiday, imposed a blockade, preventing thousands of workers from getting to their jobs in Israel and the West Bank. The closure was extended led to border demonstrations in which Israeli troops opened fire on stone-throwing protesters. The protesters claimed that they were in possession of permits from Israeli authorities to work outside the blockaded enclave then why restrictions were imposed on them. Israeli authorities have reportedly issued permits to over 18,000 Palestinians from Gaza. But full full-fledged attack was not the work of the Palestinians of Gaza and plot against them by their enemies.

Message from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “The Secretary-General condemns in the strongest terms this morning’s attack by Hamas against Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip and central Israel, including the firing of thousands of rockets toward Israeli population centers… He stresses that violence cannot provide a solution to the conflict, and that only through negotiation leading to a two-state solution can peace be achieved. He said, “Civilians must be respected and protected in accordance with international humanitarian law at all times” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement, in which it did not name and faction and used words, “unprecedented situation between a number of Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation forces, which has resulted in a high level of violence taking place on a number of fronts there,” but Iranian Foreign Ministry said, “hailed the perseverance and sacrifices of the Palestinian resistance and people, especially in Gaza, in the face of atrocious attacks by the Zionist Israeli regime.”

If we recall, addressing the 78th UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Iran’s leaders would “do every they can to thwart this historic peace” between Israel and Saudi Arabia” But surprising instead of Hizbullah, Hamas is being targeted by Israelis and all the attacks are on the either Hamas or the Sunni population of the Gaza. It seems that it is a planned attempt of genocide of a specific community, which UN and international human right organizations must look into it. Analysts say that Iran has launched the proxy to divert the attention of attempt of regime change, which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also pointed out, “We should support the brave women and men of Iran who despise this regime and yearn for freedom… It is the people of Iran, not their oppressors, who are our real partners for a better future”.

Israel conducted air attacks through guided drones at three compounds belonging to Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, while a tanks were witnessed some of the buildings. Aerial bombing and firing was reported on the on the protesters along the separation fence. It was reported by the Palestinians that Israelis used drones that in swift actions appeared overhead in few minutes, dropping stun grenades and tear gas canisters on the populated area to create fear and chaos. No doubt, it is aimed at punishing Palestinians and bringing demographic change in the Gaza strip, which will be part of an independent Palestine State. The State sponsor terrorism and drama to build consensus against Hamas has been exposed but Israeli terrorism against own people through agencies and other stakeholder must not derail peace efforts in the Middle East, especially Statehood to the Palestinians.



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