The story of the Genocide of Hamas and other Palestinians through GAK Doctrine

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By Afshain Afzal

Nothing is secret anymore as the Israeli latest doctrine presented by former Chief of the Israeli General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi (GAK Doctrine) is public and was tested in September – October 2023. In the past Israeli Armed Forces used to spend 72 percent of available resources in defending against enemy rockets, missiles, and drones to destroy them before they are launched while only 28 percent was spent on offensive capabilities. The new doctrine aimed to shorten the duration of wars and achieve decisive victories to the advantage of Israeli forces. There is also role of the allies and partners as well as the United Nations Organization and International Organizations and media. The 25 September attack on armed forces of Bahrain serving as part of the Arab Coalition at the southern border of Saudi Arabia, the 5th October attack in Syria on Syrian Armed Forces and the 7 October attack on Israel and ongoing affairs in Palestine, are on ground testing and implementation of GAK Doctrine.

The GAK Doctrine provides space for the Armed Forces to “negotiate and carry out diplomacy”, which Israel's Chief, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi is carrying out without the knowledge of the Knesset. In fact, due to GAK Doctrine the Israeli political system is likely to collapse and democracy would come to an end. If not exactly collapsing, the 7 October Israeli attacks on its own Armed Forces are quickly moving Tel Aviv towards that direction. In the latest development, the Israeli military has double-crossed its political leadership. Negotiation and diplomacy with the Palestinians fall outside Israeli military’s purview as it is reserved for the political leaders and diplomatic envoys at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, Israel Defence Forces Planning Directorate is undertaking coordination and negotiations. Post 2020 Abraham Accords instead of peace efforts, legal targeting of Muslims has started.


The doctrine focuses of propaganda units in the forefront with integrated cyber attacks and default electronic warfare operations of maneuver forces. This is in addition to equipping frontline units with thousands of drones, advanced anti-tank missiles, and precision-guided weapons. The plan envisioned high-tech upgrades to the barrier along the border with Gaza. And it included policy changes regarding the advanced Iron Dome missile defense system and enhancements to help deal with shorter-range rockets and mortars. Israel has established its military might to defuse threats of Iran, including its nuclear program, Tehran’s attempts to establish military assets in Syria, and its assistance to and training of Hezbollah and other armed factions. The Israeli propaganda units launch cyber attacks and wage electronic warfare operations to develop general consensus that beside assisting to and training Hezbollah, Iran is also supporting Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. Hence, the peaceful struggle for independence by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian groups would be linked with terrorism.



To kill two birds with one stone is an idiom but has become old-fashioned and outdated after the introduction of “GAK Doctrine,” an Israeli invention to eliminate whole generations of enemies and rivals in the shortest possible time. It is on record that there was always mass black propaganda against Hamas and Islamic Jihad by western, Indian and Middle Eastern think tanks and media outlets. For instance, The American Jewish Committee writes in “Five Things to Know About Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Escalation in Gaza,” dated 6 August 2022 that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are largely funded by Iran, continue to build capabilities, including an offensive and defensive underground infrastructure for future confrontation. Similar views have been expressed by The Wilson Center in an article titled, “Iran, Hamas & Palestinian Islamic Jihad” dated 21 May 2021.

We all know that Iran was always the strongest ally of West, especially the US, while Palestinian organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad had no connection with Iran but till the time sanctions remained imposed on Tehran, funding and arming of these groups by Iran was officially authenticated but now US and other Intelligence agencies. The question arises why now these agencies are delinking Iran with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. No one can deny that they are international refugees and need to be treated so. They have been made homeless and living miserable lives in shelters in Gaza and all around the world. However, the UNO and other organizations are dancing to the tunes of funding from aggressors. No doubt, the very survival of these organizations is on the funding from aggressors claiming themselves as advanced and civilized nations but in such a case where marginalized and weak segments can seek justice to attain their legitimate rights? No matter what United Nations and International organizations must end genocide of Palestinians as well as others including inside Africa and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, where Israelis too are implementing this doctrine.

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