Peace Deal with Tel Aviv linked with UNO Plan

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Peace Deal with Tel Aviv linked with UNO Plan

By Afshain Afzal

At the end of the day Israelis failed to shake the determination of Hamas movement for independent and sovereign Palestine. The Israeli intelligence self-engineered attacks on its own Israeli Defence Forces failed to attract international attention. Now human rights organizations and UN Secretary General barred everyone from using “anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and hate speech of all kinds.” Israel and its allies are much perturbed as there is no escape route. It is about time to reach a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis with a couple neighbours as guarantors. Now when the Israelis have dropped hundreds and thousands of tons of bombs on unarmed Palestinian Muslims, and martyred a number of Palestinian men, women, and children, injured many more while thousands become homeless, it is time to carry out accountability. The bottom line is the implementation of UNO Partition Plan dated 29 November 1947, with Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and access to the Mediterranean Sea in letter and spirit, where the UN General Assembly adopted the Plan as Resolution 181 (II), and carry out trials of war crime for the genocide of Orthodox Muslims by Israel. Hamas is still in control Gaza and has planned negotiations for the release of 340 Israeli personnel who attempted to carry out house-to-house search and were arrested. These are in addition to those captured on 7 October 2023.

If we recall, on 9 October 2023, Israel's military troops took full control of Hamas-ruled communities along the border with Gaza. Israel's Defence Minister earlier is said to have ordered to carryout "complete siege" of Gaza. In a separate statement by Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, claimed that the Israel Defense Forces carried out a combing operation and house-to-house search and was in the control of Gaza on 8 October. Israeli authorities claim that Hamas kidnapped and made hostage over 100 Israelis including women and children which they took along to Gaza while Islamic Jihad is holding more than 30 of the captives. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant threatens, "The price the Gaza Strip will pay will be a very heavy one that will change reality for generations."

Interestingly, as Islamic law provides that women and children can neither be arrested nor harmed; Hamas released women and children and also aired the video to provide evidence of their act. Many media channels released footage and statements that clarified, “Hamas was not the possession of any women and children”. Demographic engineering is taking place in Palestine, especially in Jerusalem and Gaza. This genocide is targeted at those holding ideologies of Hamas Islamic Jihad and Muslim Brotherhood. The forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes and target killing of entire leadership is to bring socio-political change. Palestinians under Israeli occupation continue to be forced out of their homes and evicted from their land and properties on the basis of discriminatory laws in violation of international law. It is the time that UNO should play its role rather than allow partners in war crimes to negotiate and play new blood and fire games.


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