Inside Israel - Reality, Deception and Hybrid Warfare

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By Afshain Afzal

The tragic event of 7 October and its aftermath, leading to the killing of innocent civilian Jews and Muslims is worth condemnation in the strongest possible words. After all they were humans… they were killed for someone else’s sins. The horrifying killings in Israel and Palestine took place at a time when Arab – Israeli negotiations were at the peak for normalization, especially between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Investigation into the actual happening revealed the “Nature Party” was in full swing, they danced and drank and took part in taking drugs…, enjoyed the company of different people and had a good time with them. Eyewitnesses said, “it was gunfire from their behinds. I thought I heard gunfire but later I was told that these were missile attacks from Hamas from across the border”. A Canadian guest from Toronto said, “Many people were relaxed if nothing had happened they were laughing and cracking jokes and took time in their packing up.” Eyewitnesses confirmed they were being shot from guns, “We saw abandoned cars full bullet holes” and Leza said, All-night outdoor music festival fun turned into a mourning festival.” Another witness said, wherever we passed we saw “soldiers dressed up like Israelis, it was Israeli Defence Forces”.
From all over the world gay persons, Lesbians and their friends assembled at Urim, the Negev Desert near the Kibbutz Re'im to enjoy “Nature Party”. The Western countries are patronizing such clubs and encouraging them in their countries. A per the reports, in the United Kingdom, night club “ Butt Mitzvah” was created for those Jews who feel they are gays; the Jewish LGBTQ club night. Other countries have similar clubs. Media reported that the Nova Festival a rural farmland nearby near Urim, the Negev Desert near the Kibbutz Re'im on the Gaza-Israel border was one of the main targets hit on 7 October morning at 6:00 AM by Hamas militants. According to Israeli rescue service Zaka, at least 260 bodies were found at the festival site where the dance party had ended at the closing of Sukkot religious holiday. Some attendees were taken hostage. On Israeli social media and western channels including CNN horrifying images and videos were released. Ironically dead bodies were not removed while Israeli military vehicles were passing by. One wonders why Hamas or Muslims would attack a dance party inside Israel.

As days pass and events become clearer, conflicting reports about the Israeli hostages held by Hamas; 340 later detained by Palestinian civilians during their attempt to carry house to house search have neither been confirmed by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) personnel nor the Palestinians. It seems all was part of false self-generated reports by locals playing at the hands of Western players. Conflicting statements were received about the identification of the group holding Israelis; is it Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the surrendered Palestinians operating from foreign lands or the Israelis themselves? However, the genocide of orthodox Muslims including Hamas political authority, its allies' leadership and journalists is continuing. United Nations must share the facts with the world as media persons are being denied access to Gaza or Israel and totally blank. The Israeli and Western psychological operations as part of hybrid warfare that Israelis are facing tough resistance by Hamas and Israelis are likely to lose ground in Gaza must be substituted with the whole truth. It is strange that UN and Human Rights Organization are silent over the target killing of 32 Muslim journalists and serious injury to 12 others.

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