State Sponsored Terrorism

Compliments of L' Orient Compliments of L' Orient

By Afshain Afzal

As the intensity of aerial bombing has comparatively calmed down and is almost at halt, tens and hundreds of Palestinian protesters in black-and-white check-scarf with Palestinian flags chanted slogans against Israeli barbarism. No one knows how many Muslim Palestinians killed, injured, made orphans and became widows. And how many infants and young children have been airlifted to foreign countries to be adopted by civilized people? Interestingly, no one knows who is providing arms and funds to Israeli to carry out terrorism against the Palestinians? One wonders what if some smaller country or group provide these weapons? Will this be taken as allies and civilized or terrorists? Why same acts by Western countries and Veto powers do not account for terrorism?

Some of the protesters were displaying placards and photographs of children killed in Israeli attack at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday. An official statement from Tel Aviv claimed that it was Islamic Jihad was misfired a rocket that landed at the hospital. However, Islamic Jihad and all Palestinian groups allied to Hamas have denied and are want the United Nations to approach them so that they may expose Israeli barbarism and grave violation of human rights.

Meanwhile, US President Joseph Biden addressed American taxpayers on 19 October 2023. Washington also announced exemption of visa for all Jews entering United States. Interestingly, the one who drafted the speech focused of both Ukraine and Israel to confuse the opinion makers in carrying out an analysis of the situation. We need to understand that in case of Ukraine there was an agreement from the Ukrainian government that called for the help of Russians but in the Gaza and Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Muslims never made any request, agreement or understanding with Tel Aviv to come for their help, rather they are in protest against Israeli aggression and barbarism since last 72 years.

US President Joseph Biden in his 19th October address cautioned American taxpayers to be prepared for contributing billions of more dollars to be spent on Israel and Ukraine. As per the reports, President Biden will be “sending Congress an urgent budget request to fund America’s national security needs to support our critical partners, including Israel and Ukraine”. The American taxpayers must know where this money is going. If we recall, in 2022, the US Congress approved more than $113 billion of aid and military assistance to support the Ukrainian government and allied nations. US $67 billion, about three-fifths has been earmarked for defense needs and the remaining $ 46 billion, about two-fifths for nondefense concerns such as general Ukrainian government aid, economic support, and aid for refugee resettlement.

The question arises where Washington has spent the amount; and whether this money had actually gone to Ukraine. It is time for accountability to expose how Americans have been cheated rather than spilling more blood and dancing over the dead bodies of Muslims? Although Israel is not allowing foreign journalists and human rights organizations to visit either Israel or Gaza but United Nations has the mandate and must visit to restore peace and identify war criminals and terrorists.

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