Will Israeli close relations with US going to be sour?

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By Afshain Afzal

Things are getting out of hand. The so-called Israeli war on Palestine has entered the fourth week with no traces of single personnel of Israeli 98th Division inside Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Israeli Army and intelligence chiefs for the disaster and un-implementable plan to eliminate Hamas and take control of Gaza.

 The leaders of US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy who were vocal and issued statements guaranteeing, “united support to the State of Israel” and instigated Tel Aviv to target Hamas leadership and those supportive civilian Muslim Palestinian population have distance from landing their troops as they did in Libya and Iraq. To great embarrassment, Palestinians under the Political Authority of Hamas are still the authority in Gaza… this time with the support from general masses all over the world.

United Nations and Human Rights organizations have refused to listen to the dictates from Washington and are not ready to listen Western name for Hamas including “terrorists”. Members of NATO and European Union are divided; at least they are snubbing Tel Aviv off camera and behind the close door. Pentagon and Oval seem confused but under compulsion are extending moral support to Israeli, instigating Israeli Defence Forces to move into Gaza. Will the heavily armed IDF and agents will be able to resist Palestinians civilians by beating them with sticks and stones, in case they enter Gaza to establish their might? They have planned to broadcast live videos of Israeli military personnel beaten by women and children with bare their hands. Youth would use stones and sticks. 

If we recall, on 10 October 2023, Israeli Brigadier General Dan Goldfuss of Israeli 98 Paratroopers Division said “the Israeli military is now launching an offensive and moving inside Gaza to change the authority within Gaza to prevent such a thing ever happening again.” Now on 30 October, the commanders of the same Division are claiming, “This is a very difficult military campaign.” Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht confirmed that military has not moved in. However, isolated reports suggested some landing in the Southern Gaza including dead drops of air maintenance loads. Israeli troops fired numerous small and medium artillery shell and anti-tank. It was reported that squadrons of Merkava tanks were queued at Gaza border but no orders to move. Israelis and the Americans are using best use of drones for targeted attacks inside Gaza.

Abraham Accords is blessing in disguise but possible normalization of relations with Israel is being linked acceptance of Muslim Palestinian statehood over the sacred land. If we recall, on 14 October, Israeli Cabinet Minister Gideon Saar, who is part of the “war cabinet,” stated that the “Gaza Strip must be smaller at the end of the war” and “we must make the end of our campaign clear to everyone around us. Danny Ayalon, Israeli former Ambassador of Israel to the United States in a statement said in an interview “All the Palestinians of Gaza should moved in Egypt’s Sinai Desert”. He added, we along with international organizations have planned “Humanitarian Aid Zone” at Sinai Desert. However, A United Nations spokesperson said that the Israeli Defence Forces notified the UN that and international humanitarian groups are persuading the Palestinian civilian population of Northern Gaza to move to South of Gaza. In a statement Palestinian leadership and general masses have refused to move to any other direction. They made their voices clear, “Israeli barbarism and genocide cannot demoralize us. Some Palestinians agree to two-state solution but there are many leaders who would resist statehood of any non-Muslim in Palestinian territories, however, they can coexist with equal rights”. One wonders Israel is standing alone in isolation as within the Western partners there are critics of Israel, highlighting genocide of Palestinians… this gulf is, in fact, widening.

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