Behind the Ruthless Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza?

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By Afshain Afzal

In the latest development the American and European Navies have been put on high alert, after at least three Turkish Navy ships along with some drill ships already deployed since April 2023, took positions near Point Cyprus, Point Gaza, and an undisclosed location in the Mediterranean Sea. More activities are expected over the weekend. Greece and Cyprus, which were not asked for their consent, were used by the Western Navies as harbours. Europe planned a pipeline that would carry Palestinian gas from the Tamar and Leviathan fields, Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation to Europe. But all these moves proved in vain.

As the drama staged after Israeli Defence Forces attacked its own people inside Israel on 7th October has entered into the fourth week, the picture is much clearer. Besides Palestine being a sacred holy land for the Muslims and for the other Divine religions, there are vast natural gas reserves in the maritime territory of Palestine. The same are the main causes why Westerners moved Jews in the Muslim land of Palestine and do not allow the State to stabilize. In fact, they could not take away Palestine from the Muslims because they are son of soil and religiously affiliated with this sacred land so they used Jews to take Palestine but later Israelis would be sidelined as history repeats itself.

No one can deny the fact that a small Jewish community formed part of the Ottoman Empire’s minority with equal rights and full freedom to profess their religion. Palestine was a peaceful State under the Ottoman Empire. If we recall, the French and Germans were natural allies of Ottoman Empire and had always close relations with the Muslims. French were engaged in the minor construction of Suez Canal and enjoyed autonomy during Mehmet Ali’s in the years 1830 to 1840. British also requested Ottoman Empire for safe passage through Suez Canal and trade concessions, which were also extended to the French.

An agreement of 1869 stipulated that the lands bordering the canal would be held in common and equal by the Egyptian government and Le Suez (The Suez Canal Company) as a concession. Later in 1875, Ismail Pasha sold Egypt’s share to the British. During the First World War, the Turkish warship commanded by Germans attacked on Russian port of Black Sea on 29 October 1914. Later Turkey formally announced entry into the war in November 1914. Taking advantage of unarmed Palestine, British troops in July 1916 used caravan route from Sinai desert to Al Arish and Rafa. British set up its camps at Al Arish and established its control in December 1916. Later the British took control of Gaza and Beer Sabah (Beer Sheeba) in November 1917. In January 1918, the British were in control of Jaffa and Jerusalem. Now it is apparent why the British gave the idea of “a national home for the Jewish people”, especially Zionists of Great Britain and Ireland by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Belfour in his letter dated 2 November, to British Jewish Community leader Lord Rothschild, published in the press on 9 November 1917. The same letter that had approval of His Majesty’s Government extended the guarantee, “Nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.

If we trace back the Muslim Palestinians are the original inhabitants and it is not easy to get rid of them. The Israeli self-engineered 7th October attack inside Israel was aimed to legitimate genocide of Palestinian Muslims. Tel Aviv found the only convenient way is to eliminate the leadership of Palestine and its active members is through mass barbaric killings of Muslims. Israelis and Americans have planned to settle the Indian Hindus, a faction consisting of self proclaimed Indian Muslims, Persian dissidents and Baháʼís here in Palestine.

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