Who Attacked LGBT Dance Party Kibbutz Re'im

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By Afshain Afzal

There is no doubt that the Israeli intelligence engineered the 7th October attack on LGBT Dance Party Kibbutz Re'im, in which an Indian mission in Lebanon was also involved. Israeli intelligence plot could have been flawless if certain basic defects were catered to in the Planning Stage but the Israeli-US and Middle Eastern partners along with surrendered blackmailed Hamas members are used against Palestinian Muslim interests. Probably Tel Aviv failed to realize striking similarities with their past strategies including mass settlement of Indians in Beer Sheba and adjoining areas as well as other Persian minorities in Haifa and other areas. Today these plans are no more secret.

Despite US President Joseph Biden's high hopes in Qatar-mediated talks between Hamas – Israel truce and encouragement his remarks, “We could bring some of those hostages home soon, but nothing is done until everything is done.” Palestinian expelled leader Ismail Haniyah, who formed a splinter Palestinian group is double-crossing everyone, when he said, “We have been working on hostages and are now very close to a deal.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu changed his narrative from leveling allegations on Hamas for kidnapping women and children to “Hope to hear good news soon about captives held by the Palestinian group.”

If we recall, in the words of Hamas member Ezzat El-Reshiq, “in the third week of October 2023, confirmed that Saudi Arabia released 2019-imprisoned Mohammad Al-Khodary along with other Hamas members who rushed to West Bank”. Three other Hamas leaders in exile thanked Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for releasing Hamas leadership.

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken issued a press release on 21 September; “The United States welcomes the deal to release 50 hostages, including American citizens, held by Hamas since its October 7 attack on Israel. United States government appreciates the leadership and ongoing partnership of Egypt and Qatar in this work..”

The claims of Qatari foreign ministry spokesman and Haniyah that negotiations were at a critical stage, "Hamas kidnapped more than 50 women and children and has agreed in principle to release the hostages in exchange for a halt of Israeli military attacks for certain times in Gaza". The Hamas leadership in exile, however, has rejected that they kidnapped 50 Israeli women and children saying, "We respect women and children according to our teachings".

One wonders if Ismail Haniyah really represents Hamas, why does he admit that he has kidnapped 50 Israeli women and children so that the onus of this sin is on Haniyah rather than Hamas. It is high time that false, unfounded and misleading allegations on Hamas must come to an end and the Israeli Defense Forces who were held hostage by Hamas in Gaza be negotiated after assurance of a final solution of recognition of Palestine on the basis of UNO Partition Plan of November 1947.

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