Israeli Ambassador presenting fake evidence against Hamas at the UN forum

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By Afshain Afzal
Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Giland Erdan said before the UN, “To the UN and its agencies; Israeli women are not women, Israeli children are not children?” Let us assure everyone that if Muslims or any other has maltreated Jewish women person or their dignity was violated or raped, we the Muslims are with them. But the Israeli Ambassador Giland Erdan is lying. Please take a good look at the photo exhibited by the Israeli Ambassador before the UN, who claimed Hamas disrespected Israeli women. You will find that she is lying with her front side facing down and a person sitting on her top but please take another critical look at the knees of this lady… can any human knees look like this in an opposite direction, if her face is downwards?

One should take a good look at the photo displayed by the Israeli Ambassador. Is it possible to twist the body of a human to a level where both legs, knees, and feet are twisted to 180 degrees, without a strain of blood? Can you deny that the photo is not engineered and fake?

No doubt, it is a crime to present such fake photos as evidence against Hamas whose genocide is taking place in Gaza by Israelis. It is high time the United Nations Organization must take strict action against Israel and its Israeli Defence Forces as well as its allies in this genocide of Muslim Palestinians

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