Hamas releases peace demands

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Afshain Afzal

“A clear message…” selected extracts of the issued statement runs as follow:-

“Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem; Ashaduallaa Ilaha Illallah Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu Wa Ashadu Anna Mohammadan Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhoo Wa Khatamun Nabiyeen; Nasrum Minallahi Wa Fathun Qareeba.”

“Israeli regime and its forces are war criminals and terrorists. Our leadership is not authorized to hold any talks with Israel, directly or indirectly, “Israel must be tried for war crimes, and it is engaged in crime against humanity, why sanctions have yet not been slapped over the entire Israeli regime and members of Israel forces? “…With the grace of Allah we are fighting and resisting well. Israelis are destined to face humiliating defeat. They will not tell what they suffered in Gaza during the siege. We are thankful to the whole world for raising their voice against Israeli genocide of Palestinians and for the plight of innocent Palestinian women and children. The massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza and Palestinian territories is unprecedented and is a crime under International Law. We are thankful to UN Secretary General and his organization for speaking and expressing concern of war crimes, barbarities and human rights violations by the Israeli forces and drone operators from across the borders. We strongly condemn all acts of violence attacks on schools and hospitals and kidnapping of women and children from Gaza to unknown locations,” “We request UN to take into account of political prisoners in Israel and ensure the recovery and release of girls and orphans whose parents killed in Israeli attacks, who might have been transported to other countries and handed over to people of other faiths and NGOs.”

“Palestinian nation in Gaza and other territories have expressed full confidence over the political authority of Hamas and we have a strong position in Gaza and still hold political authority. All the Palestinians of Gaza have unanimously rejected the Israeli and international community call to immigrate Gaza and move out to safer locations, no matter if all of them are killed by Israelis. We giving tough resistance to Israelis and would never allow them to occupy an inch of Gaza or territories in our control. Any Israeli military personnel as hostage will be treated well and will be released on assurance of peace.”

“We demand peace, the right to the self-determination to the Palestinians and acceptance of Muslim Palestinians and a small faction of Coptic Christians and Jewish minorities as the indigenous people of Palestine including occupied territories. Peace cannot be restored unless Israel guarantees the return of Palestinian-occupied territories, recognizes Hamas as the political authority controlling Gaza and other arrangements in West Bank controlled by Palestinians as legitimate political authority etc. We intend to establish a political democratic government in Palestine including occupied territories; all Palestinians including minorities would be given guarantees, safeguards and rights. We are ready to sign the Charter of the United Nations Organization as a member of the organization, abide by International Law and normalize ties with Jews living in Palestine on the condition of recognition of Palestine as an independent sovereign state.”

“We are prepared to negotiate a plan of partition of provinces on the lines of UN partition plan of 29 November 1947 with necessary readjustments including sovereignty over contagious land, space and sea under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and hereditary ownership rights which people of Palestine holds… “We demand the expulsion of all settlers post 1948, at least they would not enjoy complete rights unless negotiations for independent and sovereign Palestine State is not completed …”

Although a complete statement of Hamas leadership could not be acquired and they refused to share the country of their exile but message is quite clear. However, despite Hamas’ disapproval of making any contact with Israeli authorities, they expressed confidence in the leadership of Turkish and Saud Arabia to negotiate with United Nations Organizations to formally grant Palestine membership of the United Nations based on the Resolution this world organization already passed. It is, indeed, high time that the United Nations should play its role and bar Israel from any further attack on Gaza or an authorized mandate to Turkey and neighboring countries to send forces to Israel and Palestine to stop further genocide of Palestinians.

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