Israeli Major General and number of personnel killed?

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By Afshain Afzal
After the 4 December-Hamas announcement of refusal of direct talks with Israelis denying handing over control of Gaza to the Israeli authorities, Tel Aviv has intensified aerial bombing at three locations martyring 3 Palestinian women and 2 men while 13 people were injured. Meanwhile, on 5 December several drone attacks and armour/ artillery shelling was reported at Gaza, however, the intensity of damage or causalities was not immediately known.
In another development, Israeli authorities claimed that Hamas security personnel guarding Gaza targeted Israel Armed Forces at multiple locations killing 7 Israeli soldiers and four injuring.  Hamas, on the contrary, confirmed that they had arrested at least four Israeli personnel while two Israelis surrendered before Hamas authorities. There was, however, no word from Hamas of any encounter or fighting with the Israelis.
Israel Defence Forces have released the names of 6 personnel killed during the last 24 hours including Major General Ben Zussman ex 401 Brigade and Sergeant Binyamin Yehoshua Needham ex 601 Battalion Combat Squad, however same could not be confirmed from independent sources.
Hamas authorities have rejected the fake video clip of an encounter and other fighting between the Palestinian armed group and 601 Battalion Combat Squad.  The Hamas authorities in control of Gaza said these are cheap tactics of Israelis to make it a plea of further genocide of orthodox Palestinian Muslims.  Hamas added, “Our peaceful struggle for independence of Palestinian territories will continue.”

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