Corrupt Commissioner’s Conspiracy against Chief Justice of Pakistan

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By Afshain Afzal

The cat is out of the bag, a conspiracy against the Chief Justice of Pakistan has unearthed. Addressing a press conference on 17 February 2023, after a video leak, Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha pronounced that he should be punished for stabbing the back of Pakistan by carrying out rigging in the 8th February election and he along with the Chief Election Commissioner and Chief Justice of Pakistan should be hanged till death. Confessing his involvement, he said, “Army properly conducted the election but we are involved in rigging elections; those independent candidates who were winning with the margin of 70000 to 80000 we made them lose the election and we used fake stamps on the ballot paper to make them lose the elections. He claimed that he is taking the responsibility of rigging and in this raging the Chief Election Commissioner and Chief Justice of Pakistan are also involved.

Speaking over the allegations by Commissioner Rawalpindi, in an interview with the media on 17th February, Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa requested the nation “not to destroy the institutions in Pakistan and said, “Firstly the Chief Justice Supreme Court has no connection with the election, as the conduct of elections is the responsibility of Election Commission of Pakistan”. He said, “We failed the attempts to sabotage the conduct of elections”. He further clarified, “I have no connection with the elections. To level allegation is a fundamental right but if they have some piece of evidence they should reveal it.”

If we recall, on 15 April 2023, Inside Story published in The Orient News, “Neighbours’ Conspiracy against Judiciary of Pakistan”, highlighted why there would be a conspiracy against Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa. The Inside Story revealed, “There is no doubt that Justice Qazi Faez Isa is nowadays main-target of Indian agencies and its agents…, ‘Neither the Federation nor the provinces should invade upon the rights of the other nor encroach on the other’s legislative domain’ is one of the Judgments of Justice Qazi Faez Isa which made India and one other neighbor frightened as Rule of Law is likely to prevail in the country once Justice Qazi Faez Isa takes over as Chief Justice of Pakistan.”

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha claimed that his father and grandfather had been fighting against Sikhs and the British to create this country and now I cannot be part of the conspiracy to break this country. He claimed that his projects include Ring Road, Dodhocha Dam, Holy Family Hospital, Gymkhana, Larri Addas, Centers for Handicapped, Narcotics Dens and Centers. One wonders why he mentioned these projects in which billions of rupees huge corruption is involved.

Dadocha Dam’s project was awarded to FWO, which would supply 35 million gallons of water per day to the Rawalpindi Cantonment as well as DHA and other housing societies is full of corruption. A total of 16,194 Kanals was acquired in Rawalpindi and Kallar Syedan catchment area is 129 square miles for which a FWO - Punjab Irrigation Department Joint survey has been ordered while the previous estimate of Rs 6,492 million, would be estimated again. Regarding his claim of Ring Road Rawalpindi, former PM Imran Khan, removed former Commissioner Rawalpindi Mehmood, ex-deputy Project Director Muhammad Abdullah and Land Acquisition Collector Waseem Ali Tabish on charges of corruption, misuse of authority and conflict of interests. There were huge kickbacks and corruption and State land has been transferred to private persons so that they can claim fake compensations.

Regarding the Government’s Holy Family Hospital, a Catholic Church has been renovated and expanded by Liaquat Ali Chattha, who visited on 28 December 2023 and reviewed the facilities including for the separate entrance of the church which was previously the entrance for the Outdoor Patient Department of the hospital. He also ordered 100 kanals piece of the land had been allocated in Rakh Dhamiyal graveyard for the Christian community cemetery. Regarding Gymkhana, there is huge corruption, where actual property of the Gymkhana including Race Course Ground near Qasim Market, Rawalpindi was replaced with others. Similarly, regarding Larri Addas, Centers for Handicapped, Narcotics Head office and Centers, a lot of corruption is involved including grabbing of other departments' land without their consent or acquisition laws.

Since Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha who has links with India due his loved ones in India has himself confessed his involvement in anti-state activities including stabbing on the back of Pakistan, he must be proceeded against under Civil Servant Act and High Treason, conspiracy against State of Pakistan by suggesting hanging of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Investigation is required to trace his involvement and if true his links with India as an agent and other members of his network. This was nothing but an attempt to disintegrate the country and instigate masses to revolt against sacred institutions including the Armed Forces and Judiciary. More so, investments he has grabbed from overseas Pakistani should also be returned through confiscating his assets as well as that of his family members and friends. 

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