Let us say goodbye to non-democratic forces

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By Afshain Afzal

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has established a media monitoring unit will be established to document and expose Israeli war crimes and violations in Gaza. The body will work to ensure accurate information on the "Palestinian crisis" is available to the international community. Israel is trying to hide the truth and the crimes it has committed in the region by massacring and silencing journalists. Yesterday my LinkedIn account was blocked to silence the truth. The account was proof of Israeli confession of genocide and war crimes and Israeli Ministry of Defence of Israeli Prime Minister’s representative in Middle East was directly engaged since October 2023.

In another development, during talks with counterparts from the United States, Germany, and Egypt at the G20 meeting in Brazil,

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan called on the international community to take a more active role towards an urgent ceasefire in Gaza. While referring to a third US veto on a ceasefire call at the 15-member body Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said, "The fact that a decision on a ceasefire did not come out of the U.N. Security Council once again, has shown that reform is a must”. Many countries have taken a firm position on the punishment of Israelis over the genocide of Palestinian orthodox Muslims in Gaza and the right of self-determination of the Palestinians. The Brazilian leader has likened Israel's war in Gaza to the Nazi genocide during Second World War.

Instead of giving the lead role to Turkey to negotiate and resole the Israeli-Palestinian question, Western countries have nominated French President Emmanuel Macron to hold negotiations. To impress flexibility for the Palestinian cause, Paris 24 February 2024 declared “that recognizing a Palestinian state was “not a taboo for France.”

Israel's war cabinet has agreed to send a delegation for Gaza ceasefire talks in Paris and reportedly, David Barnea from Israeli intelligence agency Mossad will lead the Israeli delegation.

Meanwhile, the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy for the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov invited Hamas and other Palestinian factions to Moscow for “inter-Palestinian” talks. Russia has invited around a dozen Palestinian groups to Moscow for “inter-Palestinian” talks from 29 February 2024. There are confirmed reports that there are plans to exclude Hamas from future government and form a broad-based government including pro-Israeli, proxies of other countries and minorities. There are reports to the gradual deprivation of the rights of Palestinians over Jerusalem. This will neither be acceptable to Muslims nor Hamas, which is still controlling and resisting Israeli intrusion and genocide.

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