Is UK supporting genocide of Palestinians?

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By Afshain Afzal

Israeli forces tanks and special equipment were seen northern Gaza moving towards the south this weekend. Earlier as a decoy some elements attacked western and southern sides. Huge destruction of houses and properties as well as standing crops was witnessed in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated his stance that he would eliminate entire Hamas and their offspring to achieve victory over groups supporting Islam. An Israeli Ministry of Defence official said on the condition of anatomy that over 1800 Israeli Defence Forces personnel are facing Court Martial proceedings and another 980 are missing. Unconfirmed reports suggest Israeli Defence Forces suffered 1390 causalities in addition to those Israeli personnel killed in Israel's intelligence-backed 7 October 2024 attack inside Israel.

Meanwhile, the US and UK have accelerated their supplies and funding to Israel. The troika is using bases in Jordon and Syria for drone attacks on the Palestinian population. In another development, most of the Hamas and allied leaders in Palestinian territories and Eastern Europe have declared 26 July 2024 as Independence Day when Palestine would officially emerge as an independent and sovereign State. Hamas top leader disclosed that besides armour fire Israelis are also anti-tank rockets and mortar bombs and filing these events for unknown reasons. The Palestinian government in exile in Eastern Europe has warned Israel to implement the judgment of ICJ and ICC and confirm complete withdrawal from Gaza and other Palestinian territories. The leadership denied planning any unilateral actions against those who committed genocide of Palestinians and their supporters in their home countries and said “we have formally applied for full membership of UN and will abide by the international law as we believe in peace”.

Earlier this month, a request to ICC was made by the United Kingdom to provide written observations on whether the Court can exercise jurisdiction over Israeli nationals, in circumstances where Palestine cannot exercise criminal jurisdiction over Israeli nationals under the Oslo Accords. ICC prosecution’s request for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant is still valid but the United Kingdom has been allowed by the court that she may submit legal arguments to judges. One wonders if Oslo Accords is intact between Israel and Palestine after Israeli intelligence plot against innocent Israelis and guests dated 7th October 2023 and genocide thousands of Palestinians especially Hamas in Gaza. The brutal genocide of Palestinians has witnessed condemnation around the world. Even the Israelis have been criminalized by ICJ and ICC, issuing arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister and Defence Minister but what UK is going to prove, “is genocide permissible” against non-members?”

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