Plan for Independence of Palestine

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By Afshain Afzal

In a statement issued by the Hamas in Gaza, West Bank, Arab territories and Eastern Europe strategy in the holy month of Moharram was announced. In Al Quran, the Almighty Allah has forbidden to wage war in this month unless they are imposed war and expelled from their houses. Speaking on the occasion final touches to formal independence of Palestine on 26th July 2024 was chalked out. It was hoped that the United Nations Organization would grant full membership to Palestine without further delay. Hamas has requested all nations to formally issue letters of recognition as an independent and sovereign state of Palestine, which would be an Islamic Democratic Republic. Palestine has asked nations to nominate their Ambassadors before 26th July nations to be stationed at Jerusalem after peace and stability and till that stationed in Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

As per the plan agreed upon the State of Palestine will become independent on 26th July and will become part of a Confederation of Arab nations comprising Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan. Next stage other Afro-Asian countries would join the confederation. Saudi Arabia and Turkey would be guarantors to ensure the independence of Palestine. It would be the responsibility of the grand confederation to ensure the security and economic stability of Palestine. The Western nations will be bound to support the Palestinians under the agreements made in the past, failing which no agreement will be honoured and the issue will be resolved de novo. Agreements registered with the United Nations will have effect, however, secret letters will not have any effect unless the present state authorities sign a formal agreement thereof.

A majority of countries have already recognized the Statehood of Palestine but these nations are expected to announce a fresh recognition of Palestine to remove any doubt. In addition, all countries including new ones are expected to make a final announcement by the deadline 20th July. In time frame, Turkey and Saudi Arabia along with the other members of the confederation would determine the security apparatus needed for deployment to ensure peace. Jews holding valid proprietorship (till 1948) will be legitimate citizens of Palestine subject to certain conditions while others would be settled on case to case basis. A committee of Muslims and Jews would also be set up to organize dialogues for the removal of irritants and to ensure peace and harmony between all communities.  

 With regard UNO’s full membership of Palestine, the General Assembly merely found Palestine to be a suitable candidate for full membership, and recommended that the Security Council should “reconsider the matter favourably” but US Vetod the move that will disturb the peace effort as reciprocal cancellation of Israel’s membership and a complete ban may be moved. We hope Palestine will emerge as an instrument of peace for the Middle East and beyond.


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