International peace and security threatened by terrorists

By Afshain Afzal

International peace and security is threatened as Israel's state machinery is behaving like a wild beast or dangerous hardcore terrorists, challenging the international order and on the rampage killing and bulldozing everything on her way. One of the main reasons why the International Justice system is at threat is that some nations become critical to obey the orders of ICC and ICJ. The arrest warrant for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over genocide and other war crimes in Gaza is being delayed under the patronage of these supporters of war crimes and terrorism. There is only one-liner demand, “Israeli intelligence agencies must release all abducted Israelis and guests of 7th October 2023 attack to end drama against Palestinians and withdraw at once.”

On the international chessboard, there are high hopes that Britain would not compromise over upholding the International Law. The world is watching the moves carefully and those Western countries, which are openly supporting in the hate campaign to eliminate the entire Palestinian population who observes a specific religious ideology. The law that provides punishment and war on terror against actors supporting terrorism is also applicable on them. The UN Security Council Resolutions regarding threats caused to international peace and security by the terrorist acts entitle other states to come into action and activate sanction regime. US, UK, Germany and few other nations supporting Israel's genocide and terrorism must realize that all states are equal before the International justice system. The fate of these countries would not be different than those who were told that they would be raised to the ground if they continue supporting, arming, funding and campaigning acts of terrorism.

Today, there is a clear division in the world, over funding, arming and supporting war criminal Israel in acts of genocide of Palestinians including Hamas and those supporting Palestinians for their right of self determination. In the latest statement UK newly appointed PM Me Keir Starmer said that Britain is committed “to continuing the UK and Israel's vital cooperation to deter malign threats.” As a symbolic gesture he said, "that his longstanding policy on recognition to contribute to a peace process had not changed, and it was the undeniable right of Palestinians,” but there is plot against the orthodox, no matter they are Jews, Muslims or Christians. The new confederation of Arab nations comprising Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and others are watching the situation carefully. Things are moving as planned to win peace.

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